Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Little Sweet surprise from God ^^

After church, we stayed back to have a little chat with church brothers and sisters. While we're still in the church, suddenly a friend of mine threw me a tiny thing and ^^ hihi, my response was quick enough that i got hold of the tiny thing...!!!! I was caught by surprised...!!!!

IT IS A RUBICS CUBE......!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS A RUBICS CUBE..................!!!!!!!!!

I couldnt be any happier today cuz i've got a rubics cube...!!!!! Well, the thing was that today our celgroup wasn't planning to have lunch after church. so the rational is that, we wont be going out for lunch to Spencer Village, thus not going to get to play the $2 twist machine thus 0% of getting what i want, hey....
but but but... all of sudden, this TINY THING was on my palm...!!!!!!!!! ^^ i am seriously feeling so jolly, La La La La La La La La ^^...

God threw me a sweet little surprise today ^^

See, it's really me with the rubics cube on my hand ^^

Can be earrings ^^

Or necklace^^

God shows me He can really do things for me ^^ and really wants me to trust in Him in bigger things. In my studies, my family, my friends, my time, my belongings, my desire. My everything. My everything, everything and everything...
In any simple day of our lives, look out for little surprises from God.. I have had many of them... Sometimes it feels like God is dating me (woots, shy shy) ... u can have those surprises too ^^ only if you allow yourself to look at things through His eyes and your heart to have the pleasing faith He wanted..

P/s : to my beloved friend who bless me with this rubics cube, i thank God for sending you to pass me this gift from Him. and HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to you....!!!! God bless you ok...!!! ^^....!!!!
smile smile smileeeeee....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Less than 24 hours..

On Monday 22/10/07

2.00pm: I happily showed my chicken toy to my vietnamese housemate while she's cooking porridge. Showed her that it can moved and its head nods...! ^^

2.05pm: She showed deep interest in the toy chicken.

2.15pm: My toy chicken became hers.

2.25pm: Yan Hwa suddenly uttered "ah ann"...!!! woot..!!! so lovely...!!!

2.30pm: Was stil laughing out loud while chatting with YanHwa.

2.55pm: Started to feel emotional about my toy chicken.

3.00pm: EXACTLY after 24hours of getting the toy chicken from Spencer Village yesterday (sunday), i mourned the loss of my dear dear dear toy chicken....!! my first toy chicken....

3.20pm: Jia Huei sent me a pic of cow shaking its butt. Asked me not to be sad cuz she is giving me a toy cow instead...

3.25pm: Jonathan L sent me a mms, saying i always like wierd thing. And express willingness to buy me a real chicken if i really want it.. REAL chicken..??? with the feather and head and leg attached..?? impossible...

3.30pm: Jessica asked me to be positive.

3.45pm: Too sleepy to mms anymore.

4.00pm: Decided that, i shall be glad. Give willingly and happily. Who knows the next time i twist the knob at the machine, i will get rubiks cube. ^^

4.05pm: sweetly.. softly... felt asleep..

4.05.01 pm....!!! : Derek woke me up through the window....!!!! gggrrrrr..... hahahahaha ( this line was posted upon request by Mr.Derek, lol)

In little things, God always wants to teach us to trust in Him. Does it make sense that the Sherperd would care less about getting His sheeps to the green pasture than they themselves care about getting there?

Something that i consider good or someone dear, if taken away, i choose to trust God that God knows where they ought to belong and what is better for me. God in His heavenly riches then blesses me with more, more than what i considered has lost.

Many are the torments of the ungodly; but unfailing love enfolds him who trusts in the Lord. Rejoice in the Lord and be glad. ^^

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chick chick Chicky....!!!!!!!!

Today after church, we went to Spencer Village for lunch with cellgroup ^^. Ordered a Char Ho Fun Egg Soup, but found out that Anna's Kowloon Mee tasted nicer than mine. Took three spoonful of her kowloon mee, hehehehehe....!!!! Anyway, after filling our tummies, Thomas, Anna and YeeFang started to release their energy, in the form of words. I mean.... they had a vigorious chit chat bout lots of topics. I decided to save my energy, save my glucose, appreciating the fact that there are hundreds of chemical reactions going on underneath my body cell just to convert what i eat into the available form of energy source, that's ATP molecules, crucial for cellular respiration. I cant simply waste my ATP, huahahahah...!! hmmm, the highlight is this :

Before we left Spencer, i spotted a machine, where people (people, not only kids ok) drop in their coins, twist the knob, then they get a free dragon ball.. Here, i put in $2 coin, hehehehe, and i twisted the knob... and blurp blurp blurp, down it came, my green-cum-white dragon ball...!!!!!! woot...!!! yippie ^^....!! It was a big huge dragon ball, k..!

Hmmm, in Janice's car, i twist opened the dragon ball. Was bit disappointed cuz initially i was aiming for another thing. That's the main reason i trade in precious $2 coin for a dragon ball.. but this one did fine, not bad.. ^^ hihihihihiih.... Think i gotta assemble it or something, and i saw some structure that looked quite like chicken's head, ahahahah....!!! mmmmm..????

Tah Dah....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My chicken....!!!!!!!!!
It's a mobile chicken, but of course i gotta give it a good push for it to move la! i single handed-ly assembled it ok. U think it's easy..?? u try it..! it's not easy =P....!!! it's hard work...!!!!!
After coming down from Janice's car, i was so so so excited. Put the chicken down on the grass , on Vickery land, for it to find some grain. And it did found one, can u see the black tiny seed in front of the chicken..?? It's her lunch^^....
P/s: thanks to Yeefang for holding the instruction paper for me while i try to put all the body parts of the chicken together. and for waiting for me while i let my chicken to wander around for its lunch...!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A case of Mis-conduct

As usual, we went to Oriental shop for grocery shopping. Jimmy fetched us there, so he was there as well doing his own grocery shopping. I walked around the shop, holding two huge packets of Mihun and two cans of mushrooms, because i was planning to fry Mihun for cellgroup this coming friday. At the corner end of the shop was this refrigerated section where all the frozen food was stored. I walked past and saw something that caught my attention. So coincidentally Yityeng was there, so i exclaimed to her in chinese "eh , is that Eu Char Kuey..??!!?!?!!?". my eyes was still blinking non-stop at the sight of the frozen Eu Char Kuey. Five seconds passed and Yityeng was stil standing there. Wondering why hasnt she answered me, i turned to her and to my horror... she was not Yityeng..!!! she was a chinese gal who has the height of Yityeng....... she kept silent with a faint smile on her face ( poor gal, i must have scared her ).... I quickly apologized, saying i mistaken her for my friend.....!!! Another chinese gal who was standing beside me laughed..............

Aahh~~~~~ help....!!! at that moment, how i wished i can disappear like the Ginnie in Aladdin disney cartoon. One "zaP" of the finger and i am out of sight, out of the place..!!! Or at least, a handsome guy walks into the shop and drag me out with full passion, and we run past the green green field, past the trees and seas, like the Hindi movie where the hero comes and save the heroine, ooooow~~~~~~..... Worse still, i can drop everything off my hand and run thousand miles away.... or my last resort, be like an ostrich, which, in case of emergency, quickly dig a hole in the sand and bury their tiny little head into the hole so that no one can see their face...!!! SUNGGUH MEMALUKAN......!!!

okie... calm down calm down....

then the two chinese gals walked away, smiling... "pop", Jimmy's head suddenly appeared behind the racks, smiling... i told him, i feel so shameful because i talked to wrong person, and he happily replied "i saw that, u are always that blur..." and continue smiling...!!!!! Aih.. sometimes smiles can be cruel...... isk isk isk...

My self-confident dropped to 50%, from a happy 100%.... that is a steep drop...!!

i turned back, headed to the cashier to pay for my stuff, and saw Yityeng.. i wanted to tell her i mistaken someone else for her, but she replied "i heard that" and smiled at me......!!! NO...!! Dont smile...!!! aa~~~~~~ did i talk that LOUD just now....????? SUNGGUH TER-AMAT BER-AMAT MEMALUKAN can...!!!!

I walked out of the oriental shop feeling so embarassed and super embarassed.... Eeiii~~~~~~.......

Eu Char Kuey, see what u have done to me..????? i dont like u today... bler...!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Ah Ann

look at my chat box...!!! someone just called me Ann...!! ^^ oh dear lin foong..!!

ooo~~~~.. i do miss people calling me Ann ah.. All the while, only two people will call me by that name.. they are Lin foong and Hannah, both my hometown best friends ^^...

This is because, handphone wasnt popular among teenage people (or only us three) back then in the 2003s.. LOL...

So we call to houses instead.. and these two people here ( i repeat : Lin Foong and Hannah ) were those two faithful frequent caller to my house... i didnt normally pick up calls cuz i was always in the room, most of the time...

So.. when they called, my mum will shout " AH EN.....!!!!! "........ which they heard on the other side of the phone as "ah ann....... ".... heeheeeheeehee.. eventually they called me by that name...

feel so lovely when being called that way... Hannah will be very gentle and say "Ann ah, that one... this one.. bla bla bla.. hahaha.. yalor yalor..".... where as Lin Foong, sometimes call me "Ah mu" but then still addresses me as Ann...

makes me miss the good old times in hometown, cant wait to see u guys...!!! soon.. soon...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

in the reflection of His perfectness

this is for you :

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

Look full in His wonderful face;

and the things of the earth will grow strangely dim,

in the light of His Glory and Grace.

Keep your eyes upon Jesus,

let nobody else take His place;

so that hour by hour you may know His power,

till at last, you have run the great race..

Love always, Eunice

A time for everything

Ecclesiastes 3:4-8
A time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

If there are times that i could change, i would.. i would choose to remain and stay.. i would choose to do what i wanted to do and continue to do.. i would choose to say the word and not keep it back.. i would choose to hold on tight and not let go.. i would choose to set again things and people in place.. i would choose to not take the pain and bitterness..

it is me who failed to fanthom what God has done from the beginning to the end, because i failed to trust..

But God said He has set a time for everything, every activity under the heaven. He made everything beautiful in its time, and set eternity in the hearts of men.

The time to cry and the time to smile is beautifully placed in His time, never too early nor too late. He assures me He is making my life a beautiful process of its own.

There is time to search and the time to give up, thus i know there are things in life that i cant hold on to forever. When God says "let go", teach my heart to obey His will instead of my own desire.

He whispers me that He will give me courage to give up something for the best that He has in store for me...

i know He will provide the things i have wanted.. even better and fresher than i can ever imagine..

Lord God, the Alpha and Omega, You have given me the knowledge of Your perfect time. help me to trust in You, now i know my days are for You...

Because everything that God does will endure forever.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My God, my all

My God is an awesome God. My God, He loves me.

I went to cell group as usual, not knowing He has already planned to answer that night.

The songs were my prayer. He knows my heart well, well enough that every single lyrics of the songs were meant to be my prayers. He allows me to lift up all that i have to Him, though all that i have is none. He assures me that He takes broken heart and He loves me. He allows me to touch His presence and know that He is near. He is my God, my strength, my all. My only desire.

The ice-breakers were my joy-giver. It was only few hours ago that i went to God, tearing and asking for joy. And it was that very instant in ice-breakers He got me bursting in laughters, not knowing He is working in me to take away my old teary heart and replace it with a new joyful heart. Soon after, i realized i was no longer dwelling in sadness and self-pity. What an awesome God He is.

The Words were answers to my prayer. He is cutting off my unfruitful branches and pruning my furitful branches so that i can be more fruitful. So that His blessings can be more abundant and apparent in me. He only prunes those that allow themselves to be pruned by Him. He only prunes those that are called to be His children. Yes, it is times like this that i am learning to identify the unfruitful part of me and ask God to remove them all. He loves me so, that He prunes me.

Dear God, my God, teach me to humble myself to whole heartedly turn to You. Teach me to show more kindness and patient, not giving in to my own sinful nature to do what is not lovely in Your eyes. Teach me to be more lovely when i feel like being grumpy. Thank you that You are pruning away all my unfruitful parts, so that i can be a better person. Teach me to lean on You on your words and assurance, and not lean on my own understanding, my own feeling and my own strength. I thank You with all my heart, for assuring me once again that even though i walk through the dark times in my life, You never abandon me. Not even once. I love You so, and my life is joyful because of You.

F- forsaking

A- all

I - i

T - take

H - Him

Yes Lord, teach me to abondon myself and take all of You. I love You, my God.

Friday, October 12, 2007

i want to hide in You

As i walked into God's presence today, i couldnt stand it anymore. I broke down into tears because i was dishearten.

Father Lord,You know my heart, You know my tendency to despair, Lord You have promised to care for me. Lord, i dont want to face the world, i just want to hide safe in You. Lord, in You i'm safe from the harshness of the people and the circumstances. Lord, all i want is to hide in You. i just want to hide in You.
Lord, because You have promised to never forsake me, only i have courage to come this far to this land. Lord teach me to surrender my heart to You. Lord, help me not to ever hold back a portion of my heart anymore. Forgive me for keeping back a part of it, and let the world to have a chance to crush my heart. Now i'm despair, do not forsake me. Lord Father, i want my heart to be totally Yours, so that You can keep my heart safe and unhurt. Lord, all i want now is You, protect me from the harshness of the world i'm living in

The Lord is a refuge for those oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know Your name will trust You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.

I know You love me. in fact, You love me the most. You assure me that i am precious in You eyes. I am the apple of Your eyes. i know You never leave me. Lord, even though sometimes i dont understand the work of Your hand, i trust in You. Because i know You love me. Thank you Lord. Refine my heart once again, make it more precious than silver and gold. Refine my heart to have bigger capacity for those that have disheartened me. Take away my old heart and give me a new heart. A heart that rejoices in You and trust in You, because You are the real joy giver and my only strength. Put a new joy in my heart. Lord i know You can and You will. I love You more than anything else.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Your Aura is Blue

Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life.
You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships.

The purpose of your life: showing love to other people

Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah

Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor

urm, not too bad, like the comments heeheeeheee....!!

i heard ppl say that those phychologists spent millions into developing things like this.. quite accurate oso geh..

as in, i think i am calm, sometimes too calm (not good lor) that i seem ignorant to critical things happening around me.. i left my bag everywhere.. never feel worry that it'll be stolen.. on the other hand, my friends worry for me.. that's calm..???

tend to live a quiet life, true oso geh.. seldom go out since young, other than tuition and church, never been into cinema until when i was 18 (gosh!!!) , only learnt bout MSN when i'm 17, no friends coming over to my house to overnight, no barbeuce-ing with friends, no nothing.. quite a quiet life, aye..?? or deprived from the world.??

enriching, personally to me, i would say it's enriching, due to circumstances in life and oso due to the fact that i daydream alot, so i think and wander too much. but it's very enriching to me. also, all the teaching and experience i had as a Christian seriously had enriched me a lot lor, i feel..

very giving of myself.. as in, show my true self..? yea guah, think so.. heeheeeheee..! as in, dont hold back tears when i'm sad.. and jump and shout when i'm overjoyed..

hard to let go of relationship..?? of course, i treasure relationship a lot a lot ok..!!! it's the best thing on earth - relationship with family, friendship.. maybe BGR..? currently dont have.. but.... but.. but.. ( the following sentences, decided to remain silent =P )

purpose to show love to others, SUPER CORRECT..!! i mean, other than that, what else can i do on earth right..? show love in many ways man, like spending time, taking pictures, cooking, washing, helping, sponsoring kids, chit chatting, calling back home, sms-ing with ppl, smiling, asking, sharing ice-cream, giving gifts, sending cards, printing notes for friends, eating lunch together, lend-and-borrow shirts, praying, (what else yea?) etc etc ... all that is love man, right right right.??

1 Corinthians 13:13 meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope and love;and the greatest of these is love!

TO ALL WHO'S INTERESTED in the test, can give it a go, BUT remember not to be obsessed with it.. believe what is believable, and of course i would say God is believable...!!!! aye..?? ^^

Friday, October 5, 2007


It's so imbalance... Super tak balance... Duper boh balance...!!!!

today is friday (well, 52mins to 12midnight). Had cellgroup at 6pm. By 6.45pm my beloved tummy sang the daily national anthem "bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr''...... "bbbbrrrrrrr".... "bbbrrrrrrrr"... the thing is, my tummy is very on time, never late, never too early. 15mins later, could feel air forming in my tummy, expanding my abdominal diameter and thus my red shirt then looked tighter on me, especially the waist area. ^^
Finally, by 8pm we're out of the house heading to Annual Pasar Malam in Curtin Graduation Square ( ps: name of the place given was inaccurate, cuz i dunno what's that place called)... Looked super merry lor..!! so many heads and figures, the best part is there were so many stalls set up selling a variety of asian food..! well, i would say it's mostly malaysian typical pasar malam food, heeheehee, besides some indonesian food and bubble teas.
Initially decided to walk as a group with cellgroup but it was hard as the rest were walking with different pace, and looking at different stuff. So ... i just walked... hahahahaha....
Then the pasar malam atmosphere started to hit me. I then started to care less bout spending and care more bout getting those foods... well, usually i would try to save even 50cents whenever i do my grocery shopping. BUT due to the fact that this Curtin Pasar Malam was so so so so similar to malaysian typical pasar malam, i started to lose control on my spending. i bought food uncontrolably without thinking whether am i able to finish them. Anyway, i did finish most of the food that i bought,heheeeheehee. Foochow ppl (like me) are renowned for being great eaters. I ate two lidi sticks of fishballs, one bowl of hard-as-rock che cheung fun, one cup of desserts, 3/4 bowl of curry mee, and 3/5 bowl of jawa mee.
overall, i'm bloated...!!! my tummy has now expand to twice it's usual diameter, but thank goodness my tummy's elasticity is of appreciatable strength, that i can still remain unexploded... hahahahaha...!! bloated to the extent i feel it hard to sit, would rather lie down straight. but i couldnt cuz i have assignments to do and am now here writting to tell bout my bloat-fulness. ^^
oh ya, and there was performance by a live band there, was good, i reckon. Out of allthe songs that they sang, i only knew two songs- Big girls dont cry and Umbrella, jimmy said i'm deprived of the world, hahahaha.. Ppl were cheering and the night was a little chilly. cold breeze once in a while. I liked it that it was opened air, so it makes ppl light-hearted. Saw quite a number of couples cuddling and.. yea.. Like that la..
what i wanna convey (again) is that the way i save on grocery doesnt balance out the way i spent at pasar malam tonight. and besides, the pasar malam food looked nicer than it tasted..... bleh, hahahha...
i should try to strike a balance on my spending. if i die-hard trying to save even 50cents on grocery, then i shouldnt just spend 10bucks on the un-delicious mee (as i said, looked nicer than taste) hahaha... hmmmm... lesson to learn.

No pics cuz i din take any pics, was holding foods on one hand and purse on the other hand. =P
but i enjoyed myself.

P/s : hmmm, think i should say sorry to my cellgroup members.. cuz instead of eating together with u guys, i went to eat in front of the stage cuz i wanted to feel sitting at the stairs and enjoying the performance and eating in a crowd. ^^

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Boyfriend..??

Sat in front of the computer for like half an hour, wondering how to start putting them into words. I dunno how, it's like all jumble up, like a messy roll of threads, cant find the starting point, tangle up.

Anyway, am listening to this song sent by Yuwan- No Reserve Love, lalalala..

Few days ago, was thinking back of the typical prince charming picture, neh, the one ah, prince charming wearing white suit, riding on a white horse, a fit white horse, heading towards you with the most charming smile ever and your heart just melt. Then i mar ter-think, of some of the people around me that has got attached. They've got their princes charming coming and now they're riding on the white horses together with their respective princes charming. Quite a number of people lor, not just one or two. If it's one or two people, then i wouldnt mind so much =P. But really one lor, seeing them having a "sin fu" time sometimes makes me wonder, where is my prince charming? When is he coming on the white horse?
Then i tell myself a few possibilities; Maybe he's waiting for the tailormade white suit to be ready, maybe he's polishing his leather shoes, maybe he's having a haircut, maybe he's waiting for the horse to be more fit so as to be able to carry me together, maybe he's looking at the map finding the best road to come and see me, or maybe he's this and that, this and that.
Or.. maybe i should take a plane and accidentally felt into a jungle, there i might meet my Tarzan and live happily ever after ??? ( dont tell me i dream a lot, i know that =P ).
All those make me feel "How nice it is if... How sweet it is if.. How wonderful it is if..". Feel like admiring those with their happy partners, and how good how nice how faithful is their partner to them, that kind of stuff.
Yea, all those make me feel how nice if i have one too. How nice...!!!!

But looking at the world right now- i mean, why?? why is it so easy for people to say I Love You only after knowing each other for like few months ONLY, why they define Love as a feeling or best wishes towards that someone (gosh, that's so not correct ok), how fragile is their self-proclaim-100-years-of-faithfulness, why thier love last so short, so short, really very short lor.. human's love is weak... weak...
I rather stay single for good than getting myself into this kind of so-called-love. Saving myself from disappointments and heartaches, correct?

OKIE, i sound like i've lost hope in worldly love, lost hope in man, lost hope of falling in love and lost hope in marriage.. I'm not...!! i am not... i am not... I AM NOT...
it's just that, i realize human's love is weak lor, full with holes and stitches( how to spell that??).. but i also know no human is perfect, no one is perfect.. even the best man in church is not perfect lor.. we cant help being disappointed by people sometimes.. we cant help seeing people that we love to have weaknesses.. even a hero doesn't look like a hero when he wakes up from sleep with messy hair and sleepy look, brush his teeth like everyone else.. and goes to toilet like everyone else.. rite..
so, the point is..
take heart, find perfect love in God alone, because His love is so perfect that, only can it reflects on how imperfect our love is... seriously, only His love is perfect, with no holes and stitches, no leakage, not even a crack..
i can only find perfect love in Him.. and as to when will my prince comes my way, i am yet waiting with patience.. as i said, human aren't perfect.. sometimes i do grow impatient and have the want to have a boyfriend fast, don't want to miss out the sweet times other people is enjoying now.. but more than that, i don't want to miss out God's plan for me, the guy that he has in mind for me.. or maybe He wants me to love Him alone, who knows rite =>..
but i am grateful, everytime, somehow, someone, or something, just brings me back to reflect on His perfect love so that i wont be in rush to fall in love, and i wont be sad that i dont have boyfriend yet...and If God really wants me to love Him alone, i am sure He will somehow lead me to find satisfaction in Him alone geh... right right right... heeheeeheee ^^