Saturday, November 29, 2008

today, one musangketeer finally found out that the other two musangketeers is in relationship with each other..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today my manager gave me new work shifts!!!!

Monday : 5pm - 9pm
Tuesday : 5pm - 9pm
Wednesdat : 5pm - 9pm
Thursday : 9am - 5pm
Friday : 9am - 5pm
Saturday : ( wil only start work on Saturday in middle of Dec) 9am -5pm
like i said in the previous two blogs, we're gonna do spring clean right after our last paper of the semester, hahahaha...

Date : 19th Nov 2008
Venue: our house
Present: entire housemates and Jimmy

(tired of working for today, so i wont type much, just gonna keep it simple and sweet) ^^

the living room is in havoc....
the dining table is in chaos...
the corner of the house is in a mess...

Jan climb up high to clean the kitchen fan..

me happily exploring this box.. with so many random stuff in it... so cool....!!!
scroll down to see what i've found. haha..
a very nice pencil....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super kool keychain....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
which is actually a measuring tape... hahahaahha...!!

we washed the entire internal side of the fridge as well...!!!!!!!!!!!! now it's as clean as it was when we first saw it... heeheehee....!!!!

these ppl eat x3 only... hahahahahaha...

Thursday the 20th of November, early in the morning, we went to airport to pick up Aunty Joyce, Jaclyn's mum. ^^

waited for about 45mins for aunty's arrival.. then off we went, to The Left Bank restaurant for breakie , yippie...!!!

the people who were there- Evan, Trecia, me, Dayong, Aunty Joyce, Janica and Jaclyn.

After breakie, we took lots and lots and lots of pics...!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the pancakes!!!

can see the eggs..????? zoom in closer for better view..!

see this two cute cute thing..?? the white one! they are called the Coach's eggs, cuz they look like shuttlecock...!!!!!! super interesting the way they were boiled...!

Mother & daughter ^^

super nice morning, with breakie at the riverbank + beautiful scenery + wonderful food + amazing people...!! chun-ted to the max....!!! ^^

Monday, November 17, 2008

WAAAA....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jumping thumping rolling screaming clapping dancing shaking bouncing eating smiling laughing HAPPY-ing.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(p/s: this baby pic is from my housemate, oh my goddnes i laughed till ceiling drop bang wall hit floor when i saw this pic...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baby so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but so so so so hilarious, so funny so KE LIAN got strangled and forced to take pic..??? no teeth pulak tu....!!!!!!!!!!!!!so ke lian....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

my last paper of the exam finished like 5mins ago, and i'm here blogging to announce bout it, muahahahaha....!!!!

ok so much to talk but i gotta rush home to wash the FRIDGE........!!!! no-life right..??? no!!!! if i dun wash the fridge i'll be even more no life....!!!!! everytime i walk into the kitchen feeling hungry, and look at the yucky sight of dirty kitchen and sink and fridge, makes me lose my appetite.. returning to my room feeling bloated, and 5mins later feeling hungry again..!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhu.... therefore we @ housemates gonna wash the whole house today! finally...!!!!!!!!! ^^

ok what's next..? yesterday my manager called me, to fill in for a staff today from 5pm til 9pm. so i'm going to work after cleaning the house..!!!! lagi no-life after exam, isk...!!! huuhuuuhuu.... hahahahahah!!!

tapi tak apelah, exam over ady , what oso can ( lol broken english at its best!!!).... hahahahahahahahah...!!!!

tomorrow morning 6am heading to airport to jemput my boyfriend...!!!!!! muahahahahah JOKING....!! muahahahaha... actually to jemput jaclyn's mum, aunty's here for two weeks holidays due to the cheap Air Asia flight ticket, haha ^^.. then after picking up aunty, i'll be heading to uni AGAIN..???? yes yes, i am heading to unit tomorrow morning...!! cuz of my beloved Priscilla...!!!! she's my pharmacy senior, and her exam is coming soon..! ( well, she's already a graduate and working in pharmacy for a year, but FYI, all GRADUATE pharmacist will have to work 2000 hours in pharmacist and then sit for the toughest exam of their life at the end of the 200 hours, in order to become a REGISTERED pharmacist...!!!! ke lian right , huu huu ).. so here i am, being selected and willingly joyfully participating in this nobel act of helping my beloved Priscilla to do her revision. not that i'm good enof to teach her, but she's going to teach me ALL the Over-The-Counter medicines...!!!!! wa wa wee.....!!!! ^^ kinda looking forward to it too cuz i need to learn soon for my 500hours which is starting next Jan...!!!

sigh, i Lor Sor again...!!!!

ok, hopefully after teman-ing Pris in library, i wil be able to make it to Carousel, cuz dear Janica promised to help me look for a thing, hahahahah , cant tell you what is it...! =P..

ok what's next...?? so many things!!!! cellgroup reunion, cellgroup dinner, housemates bonding time, teman-ing Aunty to travel and Kai-kai, more work in pharmacy, more chatting more online-ing more BLOGGING... and of cuz.. more reading of the books i bot earlier this yr...!!!!!! more catchin up too, more emails....!!! and planning for next year uni Orientation Week and Passion Prayer...!!!!! i'm so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOO excited now...!!!

ok gtg, washing the house soon....!!! see you guys in no time...!!!

love love...!!!!!!! ^^

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Captivating Part 2

i couldnt concentrate studying so i decided to blog.. about this book that i am halfway reading through.. all below is direct excerpt from the book which speaks so truly to me and i believe to all other readers around the world .. they were taken from progressive paragraphs, wasn't exactly copying ALL so i skip a few paragraphs, taking only the ones i feel it speaks to me.. but yea, they are in progressive order..

"God has shown me that because of the defensiveness i buried my truly feminie heart which longs so deeply to be pursue and fought for, to be seen as beautiful, to be tender and kind, to feel deeply. He has shown me that by bringing this into my marriage, i have not allowed Dave the opportunity to fight for me. For this i am grieved. God asked me to repent of this to Dave and to take the risk of being vulnerable once again.
i stand now in the risky place of vulnerability, which is a bleeding heart waiting and praying. Everyday i must choose to lay down my defensiveness and allow the healing palm of Jesus to attend to my wound and allow him to be my God, my Strength and my Defender.
He told me that i didnt need to defend myself anymore, that was his job, he is my Defender and Advocate. would i let him be that for me? i said yes. there was a huge weight lifted that i cant fully explain."

Our jourey towards healing begins when we repent of those ways, lay them down, let them go. they've been a royal disaster anyway.
" the trouble with steeling yourself against the harshness of reality is the same steel that secures your life against being destroyed secures your life also against being opened up and transformed" --- The Sacred Journey.

Your wounds brought messages with them. Lots of messages. somehowt hey all usually land in the same place. they had a similar theme. "you're worthless"... "you're too much.. not enough".. "you're a disappointment".. "you're repulsive" .. on and on they go. because they were delivered with such pain, they felt true. they pierced our hearts, and they seemed so true. so we accepted the mesage as fact.
the vow we made acted like a little covenant with the message that came with our deep wounds. those childhood/teenage vows are very dangerous things. we must renounce them. before we are entirely convinced that they arent true, we must reject the message of our wounds. it's a way of unlocking the door to Jesus.. Agreements lock the door from the inside. renouncing the agreements unlocks the door to him(Jesus).

until you forgive, you remain a prisoner.
now---- listen carefully. forgiveness is a choice. it is not a feeling-- dont try and feel forgiving.

it is an act of the will.
Neil Anderson wrote "dont wait to forgive until you fee like forgiving. you will never get there. feeling takes time to heal after the choice to forgive is made"..
we acknowledge tht it hurts. that i mattered, and we choose to extend forgiveness to those who hurt us. this is not saying, "it didnt really matter". it is also not saying, "i probably deserved part of it anyway."....
forgiveness says " it was wrong. very wrong. it mattered, hurt me deeply. and i release you. i give you to God."
it might help to rmmber those who hurt you were also deeply wounded themselves. they were broken hearts, broken when they were young, and they felt captived to the Enemy. they were infact pawns in his hands. this doesnt absolve them of the choice they made, the things they did.
it just helps us to let them go-- to realize that they were shattered souls themselves, used by our true Enemy in his war against those whom God loves.