Saturday, May 12, 2007

From Yuwan..

May 03

Dear Cheah Yen,

Your sharing has touched my heart deeply... Our God is really a wonderful God, isn't He?
He is a God of small things... although He is seated high above the heaven, He cares for simple things... thing as simple as a tree =)
Yeah.. God speaks to us in many ways... A tree, a calender, a flower, a bird... even a card.

When everything just doesn't go well, God is there.
When our plan fails, God never.
When people let us down, God is by our side.
When our dreams vanish, God sustains.

When we complain, He never goes far.
When we make mistakes, He is ready to forgive.
When we fall down, He stretches out His very own hand to lift us up.
When we become exhausted, He promises strength.
When we cannot walk any longer, He carries us through the rest of the journey.

When nothing seems to go well, God makes all things possible.
When we mourn over our imperfectness, we are made justified in Him.
When we trample over our weaknesses, God never gives up moulding us.
When we stumble over our sins, God is still there, in control.

So, dear Cheah Yen...
No matter how far away you may go... no matter how depressed you can become...
No matter how illusive it is to touch God... He is always there...

I am just so thankful that you've shared your story here... It reminds me of how faithful our God is.
Even a tree signifies His love...

Love... yuwan =)

This tree...

May 01

Even though i am sitting here on the chair facing my Human anotomy and physiology book, my mind is still thinking of the tree that i saw while walking back from school this evening. It was the only tree among the other green trees that is showing the sign of autumn. It stood out because of its colour when On any other ordinary Tuesdays, i would just walk pass without noticing this tree!

It is a tall and leafy tree, with colours of the leaves ranging from red, orange, yellow, lime green to green. From far, it looks like the tree we used to paint in paper for Pendidikan Seni back then in high school, where the colour of the tree is laterally changing - reddish orange at one side, yellowish in the middle , and greenish at the other side.

It was really captivating. It was so beautiful that once i reached home, i decided to take my camera and made my way towards the location of the tree to take a picture of it, before all of its leaves turn monocolour or go bald.

Some day in the future, i will take picture of the tree when its leaves turn all yellow..

I decided to pen it down, when after 10 years i re-read this post, i will be reminded of His message that came in disguise.

Every Tuesday, i have two labs- chemistry lab and pharmaceutics lab. Each lab takes 3 hours and so i have a total of 6 hours lab in a day(=P just trying to do a simple calculation over here, 3 + 3 = 6 muahaha). Class starts from 8am til 5pm, with one hour lunch break in between.
ok, put it this way, 8am-9am Pharmaceutics tutorial, 9am-12pm chemistry lab, 1pm-2pm chemistry lecture, 2pm-5pm parmaceutics lab.

During the 8am tutorial, we were given sudden latin abbreviation quiz. yityeng and me were surprised. we tried hard to figure out what Ung. means.. phew, at the very last minute, it came to me that Ung. means oinment ^^ hihi.. but then, we didnt do really well overall, we should have gotten all correct as it was an easy paper. at the end of this tutorial we were asked to pass up the BP assignment. and gosh, only then i realized i forgot to bring the whole file for today's class-that includes chem lab paper, chem lec paper and pharmaceutics lab write-ups!!

however, the teacher was kind enough to allow me to pass up at 9am instead of that instant. right after class, which was 8.50am, i had exactly 10mins to run back to house and get the file, pass it up to her at lab 219 and rush to chem lab! ^^ i managed to, but it was tiring, i was panting when i reached chem lab. in the chem lab, everything went fine till, when i hmm, accidentally dipped the mixture too low that the water from the water bath actually got into my beaker and polluted my mixture =.=''' but ^^ again, cuz my supervisor (after a deep thought) said "it's all right, u can proceed, no harm to product" . i heaved a sigh of relief. phew!

when my final product underwent the Shioch suction (forgotten the scientific terms , sorry) , the supervisor came to have a look and said "yeah, that's fine, that's good!" ^^ yippie. but it was really a real close to failure in experiment! thank God! oh, this part kind off threw me into emotional swing. We were given assignment, and were to do it in groups of two or three. I was hoping to do it with Jac and Yityeng, yay!!

however, my lab partner was another guy friend. and jac actually partnered yityeng in lab. As i stood there in front of the form (one where we fill in group members and title of assignment) , i sort off hinted to Jac that 3 of us should do one assignment together-gether. Jac, standing to my right, replied, "how bout ur lab partner then?" while my lab partner stood by my left replied "oh, then i alone izit?" Ah, so i have no choice, or rather, i have to go for the one that is not of my choice. I in the end partnered my lab partner for this assignment.

I felt heavy, because i was expecting to be with jac and yityeng. i really wanted to be with them in doing this assignment. it would be easier for me to partner them because we're staying in the same house and the time for group discussion will be flexible and that three of us can work physically together-gether. but , yeah, i cant, so i really felt heavy at heart.

that feeling was carried all the way to my lunch time and to my chemistry lecture time. i wasnt able to concentrate in the first 15mins of lecture. i felt like screaming. Just like what Pastor Micheal Battersby said last Sunday, sometimes adult do feel like a kid. even though i am not an adult yet, but i really feel like "merajuk-ing" . i wanna stomp my feet, pull my face, suck my tumb, and bow my head, walk heavily and promptly towards the corner of the room to sob. yet ^^ the later 30mins of the chem lecture, i actually was able to grasp hold of what the lecture was all about. after chem lecture, i rushed to pharmaceutics lab. and in the middle of washing my cylindrical measure, i accidentally hit it hard at the water tap and broke it! i broke a 50mL cylindrical measure, SOBZZZZ.....!!!!

was disappointed at myself. this was one of the three. the other one was when i mixed a drug into a solution, percipitate actually formed, when no percipitate is supposed to form at all. not long after, i figured out the reason for that percipitate formation. i mistakenly recognised drug B as drug A to be added into the solution. SIGH, i have to do it all over again. yea, was disappointed at myself, cuz Shelly Kinsella said before, as a pharmacist , we cant afford to make a single mistake. We have no excuse at all to make a mistake! we are dealing with human's life! precious life! the last one, was that i did some writing mistakes in my paper write-ups.

My supervisor, Oxana, she was really kind to me, really kind to extend where i feel she should have just minus my marks and give me a good lesson. but she didnt, she gave me chances after chances. she looked straight into my eyes and smiled. a warmth and friendly and cheerful smile, one that makes me feel even worse, as a pharmacist student who do not deserve all these good chances =<>

So then, after a long day, i walked home together with yityeng, pondering at all that took place since early morning.

Till i came upon this tree, when my heart suddenly feels at peace again, when i can smile and feel something is special. This tree was really beautiful. Really beautiful.

God speaks to His people in many many ways, ways you can think of and ways you cant. And He speaks through His creations.

On the third day of creation, God decided to "let the land produce vegetation, seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kind. And it was so. The land produced vegetation; plant bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good". Genesis 1:11-12.

This tree that i saw, is created by Him. This tree is His creation. The Creative Director places His stamp of ownership on this tree. It is good in His sight and therefore it is good in our sights. How is it good in His sight and therefore in our sights?
The creation testifies of one great Creator, who is creative and wisdomful, who puts everything right in their place and in its correct timing.

He decides which leaf to fall and which to stay to the branches, He decides which leaf to be of which colours, and their sizes and shapes. God designs the tree so intricately, wonderfully so well. He directs the direction of which the wind blows, its soothing speed and its cooling temperature. The wind came in a God-designed package!! This Creator must be great! He is great, greatest of the greatest!

I suddenly recalled "there is nothing that He doesnt know. He knows every strand of your hair, He knows which one falls and which one not. He knows you inside out, He knows you even when you're still in your mother's womb. He knows every little thing of your past and your future. Indeed, He is in you!". if it is such, and i believe it is indeed such, then God must know my feeling as well. He knows it very well. it makes me feel loved and priviledged, knowing there is someone who knows exctly how you feel and what you are going through, without even needing you to tell or say anything. I do not have to spend half an hour typing sms to let one knows of what were happening that day. This very instant, God knows. He knows.

God must have know this time will come when i have a tiring and exhausting day. When i need His refreshment and assurance of His existance. When my spirit needs to be lifted up and my soul recharges once again. When all i seek is rest and peace. When my emotion needs to be calmed down. When i am being reminded of His love and His promises. When i long to hear His assurance that He holds me dearly in His palms. God must have know my needs today and so He created plants in the very beginning and places one beautiful one for me today, so that He can speak to me and just awe me by surprise once again. He has deeply captured my heart.
Yes, today He did. He did. He gave me all i need. He is all i need. I shall not be in want.

Psalms 23:1-3
The Lord is my shepherd, i shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters,
He restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness
for His name's sake.

This realization of how dear and how close is He to me, puts smile into my life. My days might be even worse, but i have enough reason to feel glad and assured. Because He is always around to tell me that He is with me and that He knows.

If i am given only 10 seconds in this whole life to speak, i will say nothing else other than telling Him how much i love Him.

When Autumn Comes...

April 17

Autumn has come,
the leaves turning brown,
as some dry ones fall plain to the ground..

cold wind blows hard,
rain and thunder follows,
and the path ahead seems all wet and dangerous..

Clouds shield the sun,
temperature drops low,
when the day becomes colder, weaker..


O God, i pray to You,
remain still in me this season,
so i will not wither and fall like dry leaves..

You and none but You alone,
is all superior Mighty Power,
i shall thread the path with courage and boldness..

Your presence is for me,
burn in me and let me declare,
now i live with passion for You, My Lord..


i look up to the sky,
and say to You, Glorious King..

to You i willingly follow,
like a child holding tight to the Father's hand..
to You i live to bring praise,
dance and rejoice in the Feast of Glory..
to You i call for help,
the Saviour, mercy and grace found only in You..
to You i place my trust and hope,
when human's heart fails the test..
to You i search for eternity love,
for i know the love of flesh fades..
in Your plan i gladly abide,
You keep my future wonderfully safe within Your promises..
to You i surender my life my all,
this life i live is not my own, but Yours..

O my Lord,
with all my heart,

i love You so,

when autumn comes..

Thursday, May 10, 2007


April 17

Flu is..
When you sneeze on Saturday and you blame it on the garlic that you ate in cellgroup the night before..
Flu is..
When you sneeze even more times along the day and start to feel excited about it..
Flu is..
When you feel the intense itchyness at the ende of your nose and your hand cannot stop rubbing your nose..
Flu is..
When you wake up the Sunday morning and your nose starts to feel little bit more funnier than Saturday..
Flu is..
When you start to search frantically for sheets of tissues when you actually rarely touch one sheet of tissue in a week..
Flu is..
When you know you actually have flue (the..??)...
Flu is..
When you constantly have to blow out whatever is stuck in your nose..
Flu is..
When you have to at all times, hold a tissue in hand and cant hold anything else..
Flu is..
When you go to school on Monday and you're feeling worse..
Flu is..
When you have to hold back from blowing out "the sutff" in class when teacher is teaching..
Flu is..
When you feel relieved the class is over and you can finally blow it out, blek..
Flu is..
When you stuff more and more sheets of tissue into the schoolbag...
Flu is..
When you dont feel like showering..
Flu is..
When you rub the nose even more and feel bad for torturing the delicate skin of the nose tip..
Flu is..
When you just wanna hop onto the bed and sleep the cold day off..
Flu is..
When you realize you cant breathe through the nose, and that makes sleeping not so fun..
Flu is..
When your housemate give you a tiny cute little pink pill for you to swallow before you sleep..
Flu is..
When you wake up on Tuesday and really wish to tell your family and friends you have flue, but in the end you didnt send out any sms..
Flu is..
WHen you attend lab session that Tuesday and was so accupied with getting the lab practicals done in time, that you have no time to blow..
Flu is..
When you realized others in the lab smell the nasty odour of product and you cant..
Flu is..
When you thank God you cant smell in lab..
Flu is..
Feeling sick for not drinking water in the 3-hours lab..
Flu is..
When your head starts to procastinate and ache..
Flu is..
When your concious make you feel that you have wasted unnecessary tissues for the past two days..
Flu is..
When you sleep for 2 hours straight once you reach home later of the day, after feeling sick for a whole day in school..
Flu is..
When you forget to eat dinner independently from your housemates in order not to contaminate them with the flue virus..
Flu is..
When you feel bad again for forgetting your flue and has actually shared the dinner with them halfway through...!!
Flu is..
When you walk over to your housemate's room and ask for the cute little pink pill again..
Flu is..
When u decide to sleep at 10.30pm when at other days you normally sleep at 1am..
Flu is..
When you pray more often to God, praising Him more and asking for His grace and mercy be to be upon you..
Flu is..
When you sleep with an "Amen" knowing God really loves you, even when you have your flu..!!!!

~*~ God Bless you ~*~

I know something

April 12

I kNoW sOmEtHiNg

If one day i graduate, i will pack up and go to the beach and spend the whole day sitting by the seaside, eating my vanila ice-cream and drinking frozen coke.

I will think back of the past 4 years; of my first day in Perth, my first night in Perth, my first step into university, my first visit to church, my first self-cook-proper-meal, my first homesick, my first friend-sick, my first lecture, my first winter jacket, my first night out, my first night burning mid-night oil, my first test, my first exam, my first extemperaneous drug, my first call from Malaysia, my first call back to Malaysia, my first sunset, my first cellgroup outing, my first parttime job, my first hiphop dance in Zion and etc.

I will think back of my first tear, my first disappoinment, my first worry, my first fear, my first disagreement, my first joy, my first laughter, my first anticipation, my first excitement and my first fulfillment.

I will think how did i go through all that? How fast time flies? How have i changed? How did others change?
Will i have a mate or will i be single?
Do i wear those grown up cloths, or i have my long curly hair..?
Will my frens stil be with me or will they settle somewhere else?
Will my favourite places stil remain the same or will they be reconstruct..?

I might in the end feel confused because i might not have answers to all these questions.
I dont know how will i feel and how will i be at that time.

But i know something.
I know Someone has given me promises,
promises to prosper me and not to harm me.
I know as long as the sun still rises from the east, God will always be faithful.
His grace and mercy sustain me.
His eyes watches over me, day by day.
His hands keeps me in His loving arms.
He will mould me, He will shape me.
Till one day when He send me out to do His will.
For this, He will do in me.
Even if people changes, even if time fades, even if the world hurts,
I will not lose hope, i will not give in, i wil not be destroyed.
For He has also said,
He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
He is the Everlasting King.
He is love.

我空虚的心灵, 终于不再流泪
期待着雨后, 缤纷的彩虹
我不安的脚步, 终于可以停歇
主祢已为我, 摆设了生命

cUtE dAy

April 09


Easter monday is a very cute day. I slept at 3am and woke up at 10am. By 10.05am, i was Jac's room to see her did her final packing. No, she wasn't going to run away. She was packing for a camp => . Well, as i sat there watching her packing, i think i yawned more than i talked to her. Nevertheless, i managed to send her off with a smile.

By 10.30am, i had my breakfast of 2pieces of bread + kaya spread + cheese. It was delicious, haha so i ate for a second round. I walked back to my room, did some readings and put on a jumper. The temperature was rather cold. When i say cold, it means the froozing of my fingers and toes, inability to write properly, and the feeling of lethargic..... LETHARGIC..... sleepy.....
Stil feeling cold, i thought to myself, maybe the quilt can provide some warmth, and since the quilt is heavy and huge, i couldnt bring it off the bed. Therefore, i had to climb to the bed and sat on the bed. I guess coldness not only numbed my fingers and toes but also my rationality. What happened next was rather uneventful. I first sat on the bed leaning against the wall, with the quilt covering all of me except my head. That position lasted for a few minutes. Then i resorted to a turtle-position on the bed. The one with hands and legs all squeezed in and my back facing the ceiling. And still quilt over me. Huh! Somehow my hands (reflex response), just moved the quilt over and soon my head too, was under the quilt. I wasnt thinking much at that time, wasnt even realizing that i eventually felt asleep.

In a blur blur state of mind, i saw Yi Tyeng beside me, she said today was cold and i agreed. Hmmm, soon somehow again, i kind off (woke up??) stretched my leg straight, and oouch..! i had a cramp....!! When one has a cramp, the best thing to do is not to do anything at all, dont move...!! So, i didnt move, even though i was awake by then. Also, i realized the part where Yi Tyeng told me "today is cold" was only a dream.
When i was able to move, i changed my position under the quilt again. By the way, i had been sleeping a lot during the many years of many school breaks. So, it comes to me naturally about the various positions to sleep. This time, my hands, not under the direction of my mind, moved the pillow and placed it vertically under my neck, with my face facing sideway downward (can u imagine that?). The position actually looked like as if i'm reading a book while lying on the bed (a big XieXie to SPM and INTEC stress, hahahaha), except that there's no book in front of me, and my eyes were 101% closed and mind's off-duty. The quilt was stil faithfully covering over me. And i dozed off again....

I finally woke up, as in got off the bed and the quilt. I took a glanced at the clock, and to my surprise, it was 1pm....!!!!
Pretty soon after that Yi Tyeng came knocking on my door and asked what to cook for lunch. Oh this part was real, i wasnt dreaming. Anyway, i said fried maggie would be good. We decided to fry it with some vege and meat. However, after a thorough inspection through the empty fridge, we realized we cant cook the vege. The vege is supposed to be kept for dinner as we have one vege left and we usually cook proper meal for dinner (that means rice + meat + vege ). We looked on the frozen storage area of the fridge. Hmm, now we couldnt fry the maggie with meat as well, as we do not have any meat left. But we do have two pieces of fish. Dont think it's a good idea to fry maggie with fish though. So i told Yi Tyeng maybe we can add in frozen peas to the maggie. She said there was none left in the fridge. I unbelievingly inspected the frozen area again and yes! She was right, no frozen peas left...!! Well, one can always fry eggs to go with maggie but unfortunately i used the last two eggs yesterday for dinner.
No vege, no meat, no fish, not even frozen peas or fried egg. Yi Tyeng said we shall fry maggie mee alone. Sigh. =P

Wait wait, Jpa isnt that stingy that we are so poor over here and couldnt afford a proper lunch. It's just that, we underestimated the food that we had left in the fridge and didnt bother to do grocery shopping few days before. Besides, it was too late when we realized we do not have enough food left. The malls were closed for the past few days and also today, as it is still Easter Holiday. Ok, the very first thing to do tomorrow morning shall be grocery shopping in Carousel........ Oh, yesterday night i did told Jac that me and Yi Tyeng shall practise survival skill today. Haha..!
Oh my sister just sms-ed me, to give me a pincode =>. Now i have the page "Tambah nilai berjaya. Baki : RM35.00, Tarikh luput : 09.05.2007" appearing on my phone with the Maxis number, hihihihihiihih...!!!!

Hahahahah, it's seriously a cute day => ...!! cheers...!!!

Start of Chinese lessons

April 07


大家好, 今天是我第一次写华语.怡婷现在在我旁边,一个一个字的教我打. 还真辛苦的呀. 哈哈, 大家请多多指教. 今天心情还不错, 天气温温的. 听说下个星期气温会是在20度左右,那令我更高兴,嘻嘻嘻嘻. 从很久以前, 我就很想学华语, 只不过,没有effort去做. 也不知道怡婷几时还那么闲空无聊静静的坐在这里,耐心的一个一个字说对或错.

好了,不说怡婷,说我自己,嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻. 其实还不太好玩的,因为我需要一个字一个字的问怡婷, when she's is busy playing with her phone, and dun wanna睬我. 打久了, 也开始累了. 因为忙着想我需要打的事情和我要如何打出来那些华语, ended up telling how difficult it is to type chinese when i dont know chinese. 我用了大概an hour打了这几行的华语, 但是都还没说到我真正要说的事情.啊,真不好玩.写了那么长,我不懂我到底学了什么. =<

Luke 9: 23
Then he said to them all, “if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

Jesus is saying to his disciples about this verse, as part of His sharing about his suffering and death. Disciples refer to followers of Jesus at that time. In our context, “them all” refers to a more general audience, which is to us, the Christians, who have been called to be His people by the work of Holy Spirit. Jesus here is giving out invitation to his followers about the decision to follow Jesus.
The decision of following Jesus simple as it seems, but yet could be challenging. This is because it says here “he must deny himself”. To deny oneself is to let go of his own flesh desire, as said in Romans 8:9a – but you do not live as your human nature tells you to; instead you live as the Holy Spirit tells you to, if, in fact, God’s Spirit lives in you.
We are born with human nature and inherit the human desire from our ancestors. Therefore, the (sinful and weak) human nature is always in us to provide challenge and obstacles. Let’s reflect again, along our walk with God, how many times have we struggled between our own wants and God’s wants. We would argue with God that we need this and we need that, we want to do this and we refused to do that. And out of those arguments, how many times have we allowed our desire to determine our acts and our words. Instead of embracing God’s will, we resort to our own will. Instead of waking early in the morning and driving 10mins to church for dawn prayer, we choose to sleep in the comfort of our bed due to tiredness from midnight work the day before. Instead of reading the bible, we choose to read textbooks as tests and exams are coming in the next few weeks. This is because very often our own desire is easier to do and to fulfill.
However, this is not the case when we fully whole-heartedly follow God, fully allowing Him to work in us. Philippians 2:13 says “because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able to obey His own purposes”. If we say we wants to follow God, are we totally willing to let God work in us and make us obey His will with a joyful heart?
“Taking up his cross daily” is simply an indication that Jesus is inviting us to die with Him. What human sees is the physical death, but beyond human naked eyes, there is resurrection of spiritual life which last for eternity. This promise is in 2 Timothy 2:11 – “if we have died with Him, we shall also live with Him”. When Jesus walked his way with the cross to Golgotha, he was all alone; he was spitted on and mocked by the soldiers. Therefore, we have to bear in mind that being a believer in the world full of non-believers, we sometimes might receive persecution as well. Does this ring any familiar scenes to you? When you were in the school canteen and were afraid to close eyes to give thanks for the food in front of you, for fear your friends will laugh at you or even abandon you. Romans 12:2 says “do not conform yourselves to the standard of the world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God-what is good and pleasing to him and is perfect”. Do always to seek ways to please God, overlooking the “spits” and “mocks”, believing in the eternal rewards that God is going to bless you with as you embrace His cross everyday in life.
In John 13:15, it says “I have set an example for you, so that you will do just what I have done for you” gives clear direction what should we do when we follow Jesus. Jesus is righteous, fair, loving, compassionate, merciful, patience and etc. When faced with situation we do not know what to do, always look to Jesus, reflect on what will Jesus do if he is in this situation. Then we shall do what Jesus will do. Also, do seek to build up intimacy with God so that we will know the heart of God, thus knowing His desire and His will. The bible is the living dictionary of how Jesus is like! As we make this decision, pray to God that our heart, soul and spirit is so set on Him alone, that we will follow faithfully and persevere to walk this journey, growing into His likeness, with ultimate purpose to fulfill His plan and to reflect the glory of God (we live everyday as the ambassadors of God).
Paul in his letter Galatians 2:20 proclaims “so that it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. This life that I live now, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave his life for me”.

Below is excerpt from a msn dialog between my friends (names being kept confidential )

A : cross is something that you wouldn’t want to take up…
B : challenges..?
A : It is heavy.
It is not easy to carry.
You can define it in your own words.. as long as it is something that nobody would volunteer or gladly
take up upon their shoulder.
My cross is not the same as yours, and yours is different from theirs.
Each one of us is called to carry his/her own cross to follow Jesus.
B: yeah…
A: Some may pay the price of their relationship with someone they love.
Some may pay the price of a job with high salary.
Some may pay the price of broken family.
Some may pay their own lives to follow Jesus.
The price varies from one individual to another.
And you have to ask God.. what cross can I carry for You..?
Jesus has bored the heaviest cross for us- the sins of the whole human population.

What can you carry for Him..?? I think this is a question for you as well as for me.

~*~ God bless you ~*~

He has made me glad =>

Today is thursday night, i guess i can take some time off to pen down something.. It's been like 3weeks since my 1st entry..? haha.. So, what's up lately..?? so many things....!! to recount, hmm, i went to my first lecture and tutorial and managed to take a photo of the lecture hall, cuz the lecturer was strict that she didnt want any phone to be on during her lecture time, hihi, me always being the mischievous one.. Not really that mischievous, well, i was ranked second in the class for having the most days off (30days) during form5, simply because i study better at home, alone.. Em, i was the first to leave the class once the bell rang, in secondary school and in INTEC, simply because i cant wait to reach home and hostel.. And few times, i did managed to skip Mr.Azam's physics class, sowie...

Ops, Back to my current story, shouldnt talk too much bout the past, but i have lots of memories, haha, those wonderful and interesting times.. If i were to rank "those stuff" in me, i will first place Spirit&Soul, then Heart, then memories, then knowledge, then mouth cuz i love EATING, haha...!!!

Today while we were in the Health Science Communication class, lecturer asked us a question-which seems plain yet not plain, haha.. This HSC subject is said to be one where we can pass easily, it teaches us all about communication that a health care profesional should acquire.. Anyway, haha, the question was "what is home to u? list four things that mean home to u." and tell the answers to the one sitting beside... Didnt spend too much time thinking bout the answer.. If i choose to list down those physical places and physical items, the list wil go on and on.. but all those are secondary.. Long time ago, i've already found the answer ( i think la, haha )..
So, i told YiTeng, that would be Poeple, Love and Time..

Home = Poeple + Love + Time

Love comes from God, and love endures forever.. Love endures forever... Love really endures forever...!! With love, the people become important.. There are my family, Dear Daddy, Mummy Love, Big Sis, Handsome Bro hihi, then my close friends, and my sisters and brothers in christ.. And time... Time had me stayed in the place and interacted with these awesome people, time had stored in me memories, time allowed me to experience ups and downs.. Of course, ultimately God exists in all of the componets, He is the creater of everything.. He is called Love, He creates people, He lends to us time..

As i move to new place, i will still have home with me =>, it's not that i've leave my home.. I carry with me the people-my family, the Sitiawan geng and the Shah Alam geng.. I carry with me love-love from God and love from the people.. I carry with me time- time stored safe with me as long as i shall live, or as long as i can remember,hihi, hopefully still, even when i'm old, hehe ...!! hmm, it's kind of abstract, haha...!! i have home with me..

He has made me glad, i am glad because He has made me glad..

I stil remember the times =>
* when i fought with my sis and we both cried
* when i drove my sis / she drove me, and we both went to butiques around towns, haha
* when i took a peep at my bro's stuff, hehe, didnt know he's that puppy-love-romantic, hehe...!
* when i fought with bro and he cried, haha!!
* the once in a while time when dad is back from work
* when dad phoned back and asked us what supper we want
* when mum cheerfully tried on her dress for those sunday services and asked "pretty boh??" haha...!
* when i watched mum cooked while i did the chopping vege+washing dishes job
* when Hannah piggy-back me in the Cedar House of Prayer
* when Hannah and me hide in toilet
* when Hannah and me talk non-stop through the phone
* when Hannah and me pass notes to each other during sermons ( that was 5yrs back, ok =P )
* when i called Hannah just to tell her i had my hair cut..
* when Lin Foong and me fight endlessly in form5, sigh, haha
* when we talked and did naughty stuff, none others can understand, lol
* when we went on crazy shopping trips for the last two yrs
* when I knew she had her first boyfriend, hihi
* when Peter told us he's on diet
* when three of us (peter, linfoong, me ) The 3-musangketeers, Hang out together and just spend time doing nothing
* when i came to realize Shah Alam is filled with wonderful people
* the CA members and CA days, SUPERB...!!! second to none...!!! Those mamak times, ice-breakers, worship and serving together...!!
* Jac, Yuwan, Doreen, MIchelle, Josephine, Amanda, Daniel, Roger, Adeline, Joash, Amos
* library time => ( i couldnt, didnt and never study in library )
* my Lover-ly housemates Amelene, Jessica and Jia Ming
* when amelene and me play water-splashing at night (she was washing her cloths, haha)
* out-of-mind time every 10pm every night, in living hall of house 515,block 1, Akasia, hehe!
* my PPW team- spesifically with Amy, Tommy,Nick,Samsom those jokers, haha
* those PPW tours and prayers time
* PPW super early supper time, haha
* etc etc.. (couldnt dig out anymore, overloaded ady, take a break ,haha! )

I am glad, for He has made me glad........

P/S : ..... *sweat*... i was supposed to talk bout present, but this entry was all about past?? .... hahahahahaha...!! cant help..

Smile ...

Welcome to my blog.. Urm, i am not a good writer, nor am i a good narater, haha.. So, i'll just write what comes to mind la ya, haha.. And oh ya, sorry in advance for the grammatical errors that i'm sure will appear in future blogs, hopefully not too much of them in this first blog, haha =P.. It's a sad case that i've reached the 500-pics-per-month for the Live Spaces, or else i would really love to upload more and more pics here => .. There are more CA pics, Countdown Worship Conference pics, Youth Camp pics, family photos and of course Aus pics which i took recently.. but i have to start uploading from the very first pic album collection that i have in computer, so u'll find all older photos in my blog at the moment.. To all my friends, please do kindly and patiently wait till 1st of March for more pics ya, hihi => cheers..
" Help her to always seek councel and stay secure in Your love and to always want to put a smile on Your face for all that she'll do and say." excerption from a prayer given by Pastor Phebe.. Had it printed out and sticked on the wall of my room, hihihihi, to remind me everytime i wake up, or everytime my eyes take a glance at the coloured paper printed with words of blessing from man and woman of God.. That is to do things that pleases God.. Especially when being physically challenged (too tired to even smile?), do remember to put a smile on (my) face and make people around feeling pleasant and nice => yea.. Pray for joy from God, and stretch our physical abilities beyond our capability, relying on God's grace.. That pleases God when we try to bless others.. so S-M-I-L-E everyone...!! hihihihi.. as hard as things can be, as long as we know how to shape our thoughts according to His guidance, He is able to make Good out of Bad.. yea.. =>
Today i woke up at 11am and felt kind off sick/ tired, slept for too long maybe.. Haha...!! looking forward to stay at home whole day and just read some stuff, do some online and listen to songs, sms-ing, spend time with Yiteng and Jac, lie on the cosy bed and be lazy, cuz i've been out long hours everyday for the past 4 days..! Haha, some reflections to do, too.. yay...!!!
God bless you...!