Saturday, March 28, 2009

Attended 50% of the Walk Through The Bible seminar today!! i left halfway, i went home, study and get ready for dance practise at church office.. it was very interesting, the speaker Dr.Gary Colesman is very interactive, and he makes sure we are following his seminar!! all the events and places and people in the New Testament seems to linked together better today than before....!!!! there's like 400yrs of silence, yada yada, Israel, hopes, Rome rose, four distinct views, one good news, jerusalem birth, carpenter, jordan,baptised by John, wilderness tempted by Satan. all the key words of important events, places, and people were made memorisa-able thru actions! and he led the congregation to pratically walk through the new testament with all the actions and keywords!!! awesome, now that things in the bible are linked, it will definitely help people (blur ppl like me) to understand better whats is happening in Bible, and more importantly the Big Picture...!!!!
p/s: the sharing of what actually happened during the 400 yrs of silence is actually very very interesting and amazing, of how politics rises, power fights, domination takes place, and communication expands, traveling made easy, all leading to the preparation of the people for the arrival of the birth of the Messiah and allowing the Gospel spread easily after 400yrs...!!!

today is our 4th day of dance practise for easter. it's gonna be combination of Contemporary and Hip Hop. song titled "Love song for #1 by Corrinne May" and " Cant go on by Group 1 Crew". yea.. ^^ am loving it, am enjoying it!!

one thing i always struggle to present during the dance is my look, the "Attitude Look!" for the hiphop part... huuhuuu, i look at my own reflection at the mirror in church office and tried out my expression for the song, Alamak Nasi Lemak, i look super funny with my expression......!!!!! uuuhuuuhuuu~~~~~ hahahah it's gonna be funny and i'll have Awesome time trying to make the Attitude Look out....!!!!! Alamak Nasi Lemak la.....!!!!

but anyway, i reached home, watched Bride's War with Janica and Evan while having late dinner after dance... and.........

mmmm.... i dun wanna fight either..... whatever it is, Lin Foong Cheng, i really want you to be there on my wedding day.. you hav always been there for me, always..... and i'm sorry for fighting, for being rude... but yea, i stil dun agree to ur point... love ya always.

Anyways, Ps.Dr.Phillip Lyn is preaching tomorrow, and i love listening to him speaking! i cant wait for church tomorrow....!!!!!!

and all of my cell members are going for Easter camp...!!!!! yippie...!!!! will take lots of pics! ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i am slowly getting back my excitement for life.. i can sense next tuesday nite fishing outing with allen (my neighbour-cum-colleague-cum-churchfren) and other church ppl.. i can sense wednesday lunch with david and Dani(it's a gal's name okie).. i can sense easter dance practise coming.. i can sense more catching up on lectures.. i can sense my new laptop arriving this thursday.. i can sense more rest as well... i can also sense my hair changing colour, hahahah.. i can sense more happy smile, more energy..

i am getting excited.. i'm back on track in terms of excitedness.. haha

Monday, March 16, 2009

I attended Usha's and Joanne's graduation on the 14th Feb 2009.

it was an awesome night. everywhere everyone is smiling! an old chinese uncle, with his hunched back, was dressed neatly. even though he walked very slowly, but there's this huge huge huge smile on his face man...!!!! like, he's attending his first ever grandchild's graduation or something like that..!! everyone was happy, excited...! usha and Joanne look stunning that night as well....!!! their parents were with them, taking photos and smiling and laughing!

also, we happened to sit at the place where we got to see fireworks shooting up from the ground before it exploded into beautiful colours and formation in the dark sky....!!! it lasted for 15mins and i was just awed! at the same time, the song "time to say goodbye" being sung live from an opera lady on the stage.
graduation is a very meaningful moment..!!!

am so so so inspired to graduate and bring my parents over to attend my graduation ceremony. ^^

(ok la, now i feel like a 12yr old kid writing essay >.<''') that's why i put it all white, so that less ppl sees it....!!!!
more than a month's missing from my blog.

so how do i feel now..??

1. relieved to finally quit my pharmacy job, cuz it's taking too much toll on me, physically. i almost lost the anticipation and excitement of daily living...

2. looking forward to cellgroup.

3. looking forward to more studies to be done.

4. looking forward to easter camp!!! yippie...!!!!!

5. i wanna have a puppy in the house when i grow up (excuse me??) .. i mean when i start working la... hahaha..

6. am so so so inspired by the sermon yesterday, a dvd sermon bout Indescribable God, astronomical grace by Louie Giglio... i wanna watch the stars through telescope one day...