Friday, August 29, 2008

i think....

if love,

is not a race against time..

then love,

is the test of time endurance...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

things repeat themselves.

procrastinating to study in the early semester..

and lots of meetings and outings to go for..

a lil chatting and slacking..



Monday, August 18, 2008

one random day in the month of May 2008

someone was awaken by 7 misscalls in the early hour of the day, 5.45am, when most of the earthly creatures were still salivating soundly on their bed...

by 6.10am, she got onto a car and she and her friends headed to ..... witness the sunrise... and took pictures..

freezing cold morning air mercilessly greeted her in her one layer jumper, as she awaited for the warm bright sun to rise and heat up the earth surface...

to paddle and move around freely is one of many nature's gifts..

p/s : kindly ignore this picture, do not attempt this anytime anywhere.

Many people's Brithdays

venue = Millpoint Gelare ^^
decent picture of yityeng, hahaha..

she is yijia @ 1+...!!!!

the three tallest ppl of the night - David, Siawtze and Shirley.

bidadari sangat manis yang teramat ^^...

Hor Cheah Yen needs to behave herself =.='''

Ah Jia so cute.
yeefang, luqman, david, ah jia.

two lost mice........ in the middle of the night..

freezing cold to the max, especially after having ice cream in winter night.. that was the night right after our last paper of semester exam...!!!! woohoo....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

venue = vickery house

yeefang and her housemates!

another pic with her housemates.

*cough cough*

the pic that night is bit (actually quite) dark..

venue : yanhua's house
try it, if u gosok-gosok the balloon with ur hair for a minute long, then place the balloon near the ceilings, the balloon actually sticks very well to ceilings...!!! KENG...!!!!!! that's what jaclyn, george and xing ying were doing in the pic, lol... kakakka..

yan's birthday cake. handmade by jimmy and jaclyn. ^^ so lovely.

Sisters that actually look like sisters - yanhua & yanjing... hahaha..

too many cameras cause distraction ^^

venue : our house
housemate room.4 cutting cake on sunday afternoon after loooOOOoong random car trip on the roads and in curtin uni (to give us time to decorate the house).. guess she has already suspected something...

evan: i'm a rock star....!!
cheahyen: aaaah~~~ the feeling of being taller is so satisfying, hahahahaha...!!!!

btw, we have piano and guitar in the house, syiok right...!!!

Housemates Picture....!!!!! see the decor at the back.. hahahhaha.. a lil funny+wierd... kakakakak...!!!

aduh, sOOO cute and smelly..

decor.. bet other ppl cud have done a much better job than us, hahahahah..

Evan's cellgroups... and me as intruder, kakakakakaka... merry merry day..!

venue : church @ curtin lecture hall
Ah hah...!!!! william in his suits, cuz he's on Ushering team that day..
can see from this picture that i am super-the-kepoh wanna be in the picture, muahahahaahhaahah!!!!!!
william is hard to be suprised at..
he just knew it that we're coming to him with a cake and candles...
His 22nd birthday cake. su cute right...!!

Mr.William @ Will @ Ayo @ the three wise men... and his birthday cake.. and cellgroup leader Feny Soo.. and a bottle of wine.

My beloved cellgroup!! hihihihih.. i think me, yeefang and marcus look good together as trio in this pic, see the colour combination?? Purple-Blue-Pink... hahahaahhaha..

Yeefang's baptism in May the 4th

Yeefang shared her testimony on that day. ^^

Group of new born child and Pastor (the man in black).. and the Zone Supps .




Ah jia, Yeefang, Yanhua ^^ Perak-ians boleh...!!!

with Derek n Dayong


My cellgroup ^^