Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Tonight our church is having ZLM- Zion Leaders Meeting in regards to this coming big sunday, the Freshies Welcome Sunday. it's the sunday when we invite new students in uni to join us in celebration on Sunday morning, the day when we're crowded with new friends, hence new souls that we are looking forward to invest in, to bring to salvation and to join us in the God's big family.

i myself am looking rlly forward to this ZLM meeting, because of the atmosphere where all the church leaders gather, and are so so so deeply madly worshipping God and praying out loud for this Sunday and for all the new friends in our midst.

and so coincidently i was scheduled to work tonight in the pharmacy. for the past 24hrs i hv been trying to find other staff to replace me but to no avail. i went to work, hoping that manager wud let me off one hour early so i can join ZLM but unfortunately she didnt allow me to do so. i was dishearten.

after work, i headed to ZLM venue, along the way, feeling deep regret/sadness/grief (well, not so dramatic but it was something like that). ZLM is almost ending by the time i arrived. i missed the powerful worship, i miss the prayer, i miss the amazing fellowship, i miss the testimonies time. the feeling of missing out something great is hitting hard on me. Then i reflect, what if we missed out so great and we actually realized we missed it..?

do you realized what u have missed today as Christian, his follower ..? something great something amazing, something that is already in front of you yet you missed it..? is it opportunity to serve, opportunity to repent, opportunity to be a part of doing something great for God, opportunity to build a deeper relationship with God, opportunity to shape your character, opportunity to take up more responsibilty, opportunity to be out of the comfort zone...?

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

if i had known earlier the regret and grief that i would feel for missing the ZLM, i would have negotiate/plan much earlier with my manager to get a (legal) leave from tonight's work.

and now surely i know God's plan is to prosper me, and i will not want to miss out any of His great plan in my life, for fear the feeling of regret/grief will be too horrible to bear.

Pray that our spiritual eyes be opened to His plan, pray that our Spirit is strong and willing, and that our flesh will submit to Spirit.

TO ZPH Community Service,

Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone is busy shopping for Christmas gifts on the latenight shopping and weekends. Everyone is looking for gifts to bless dear ones. Community Service Ministry too, sees the need to bless the community during this celebration season.
On the 14th of December after Sunday Celebration, a group of Young Adults and Passion people gathered in Zion Centre to practice for caroling. Led by Crystal and Bao Ting, this group of people prepared themselves for caroling to “Nursing Home”. I too, was given such privilege when invited by Usha to join the caroling.

We arrived at “Nursing Home” and without delay, made our way to the common room where the residents were already waiting. Everyone took their position in a choir formation and started caroling. Carol songs such as like Silver Bells and Felix Navidad instantly lifted up the atmosphere in the room. Many residents clapped their hands in respond to the melodious tunes. Some even sang along with us and move their body harmoniously with the songbeats.

Despite their age and physical limitation, these residents look bubbly and vibrant with huge smile on their faces. Two particular residents expressed their gratitude to me with much tears, kisses on my cheeks and tight hug that seemed hard to depart.

I cried as well because I could no longer hold back the tears. Tremendous joy and contentment overflowed my heart that very instant. I was also deeply humbled by their gratitude. Very soon, it was time to say goodbye to the “nursing home”. I went home heart broken and overwhelmed.

Though not verbally, the residents taught me the real joy and contentment, one lesson that I have long forgotten as Christian. Like God, who gave his one and only begotten Son to the world, us too can play our parts on earth by spreading and sharing the joy and hope to the needy community around us. What’s more, I learn that sometimes the best gift that we can offer is not physical materials, but true joy, happiness, hope and peace that fill one’s life inside out. I prayed that through this experience, my heart is broken for good purpose.
You too, can experience God tremendously. Join Community Service Ministry now and allow God to speak to your heart as He draws you closer to Him each time. Decision is yours to make and reward is yours to receive, when you choose to serve Him today. God bless you. ^^
Cheah Yen

Sunday, February 1, 2009
before anything else, please click into this Youtube link cuz it's a very nice song, i'm learning this song now ^^ love it!!!!!

Curtin Sem 1 Orientation 2009 is all over my head... booking of Guild house common room, prayer meeting, YA cars availability, beach event, IO... not to forget, testimony for Community Service which is like one week late from its duedate...!!!!

but i decided to dedicate tonight to a friend very dear in my life... Miss Huong Yu Wan....!!!

she arrived from KL to perth on thursday night, gonna spend 24hrs here and then flying off to Melb on friday midnight...!!!

we talked to sleep on thursday night ^^ and we wore exactly the same tshirt too!!!!

the next morning, after chatting with one of my hometown fren, i went to living room to spend time with her.. yuwan was playing several songs through her laptop while i was lying beside her eating fruits,overlooking the view of Stannard St outside the window.. the weather was fine.. in the kitchen, red bean soup was busy boiling to cook.. all was sweet and peaceful...
friendship offers queitness that soothes the soul..

so after waiting for YanPin and Greg and his sister to come and collect the steamboat pot, me and yuwan headed to Vic Park, we took the bus ^^
other nice restaurants were closed...!!! apa pasal?? i dunno either, so we ended up in this Han's Cafe.. the food was nice, the onwer of the reataurant wasnt rlly, the owner was shouting at the top of her voice towards her husband la, etc etc, hahahaha, kinda scary.. but that was fine...!!!! cuz...
Friendship provides perfect company when situation around seems so messed up...
there was 20mins left so we crossed the road to Baskin Robins... wanted to have my all time favourite, green tea ice cream....!!!! will only take this one from Baskin Robins, wouldnt settle for others ^^

while yuwan had her Vanilla-plus-choc-cookies, i think!!!!! hahaha.. see she was so happy ^^ so so so pretty...!!
one more shot!!!!! ^^

then after finishing the ice cream, crossed the road again to the bus stop, waited for bus ^^

before we came out for lunch, yuwan was teaching me how to play this song called "Wo Xu Yao Ni Zai Wo Sheng Ming Zhong" ( ... it was the song introduced to me by Priscilla, then then taught by yuwan tat very afternoon...!!! felt in love straight away...!!
i saw that Yuwan has the song book with this song in it, so i was half-jokingly saying "yuwan, i know what i want for my 22nd birthday ady!!!! i want a photocopy of ur song book, can can can..????" ...
i know la me super beh paiseh.... haiz... but that's means yuwan is very dear and close to me, that i can be myself, and be honest with her about my dreams and desire, about every single thing...!!!! and the best part is, i know she wouldnt mind at all me putting forth my request like that to her ^^ .....!!!!
but eventually i made a photocopy of that particular page from her, and i was pretty sure that's it...!!! and for the rest of the afternoon we're stil at home, i kept on making noises
"yuwan, teach me pls"..
"yuwan, come come teach me now"...
" i shower later la, i wanna learn now, yuwan so teach me"...
"yuwan teach me"....
"yuwan how ah, cannot play"...
"yuwan, huuhuuhuu so hard to play oh"...
"yuwan i wanna learn"... wah i was making noises, alot... like really alot....!!!
i didnt realize at all..
until, two days later, which was today, sunday after church, when i came home and accidentally saw my name on a white envelope, placed neatly on the black shelf in the living room....!!!! i was a lil surprised..!!!
and right underneath of the envelope i recognised the song book....!!!!!!
i almost went teary eyes!!!!
i knew it has to be from yuwan!!!!!
no other person!
i opened the envelope and in it was my 22nd birthday card....!!!!!!!!
sobs sobs....
she's the sweetest...!! i knew she brought the songbook from her hometown so that she can play songs from the book when she's in Melb..and she definitely loves playing gospel songs with the piano....!!
but now she gave me her precious songbook, just bcuz i was making noises and i wanted to learn the song so badly... she gave to me things that are precious to her....
friendship gives what is most precious..
now i want the whole wide world to know God blessed me with such a wonderful friend.. one who has changed my perspectives and challenged me to be a better person... she taught me the lesson of loving and forgiving, the lesson of true giving, the lesson of faithfulness.....
yuwan!!!!!! i hope u see this blog!!!!! i will strive to practise harder and so that one day, i wil be able to send a perfect song to you....!!!!!! wanna make u proud and glad, make ur songbook worthwhile...!!!!

in the bus, she sent me to my work place while i had confident in her that she can find her way back to my house!!!! she did! she's a very smart gal...!!!!!
yuwan as cute as ever....!!!!!! she might look cute, but her life speaks of a volume much more greater than this post can contain....!!!!

Yuwan @ my love !!!!!!!!!!!
4.45pm, clock is ticking, time for me to leave to work... otherwise, wud have spend extra 3hrs with her.. but i am very grateful already for having her around for 20hrs....!!!!!!!!!!
thank you, yuwan for all u've done....!!!!!
when i didnt blog that often.. i feel i have forgotten how to blog.. how to pen down...