Thursday, August 23, 2007

2.28pm 23Aug2007

today is thursday.
it's 2.29pm by now.

just finished my chemistry and phrmaceutics lecture at 2pm.
instead of headign to main cafe, i decided to come to library ( COUGH*)
not to study.. just to hang around..

my finger pressed the button 3 in lift and it brought me to level three of this building.
i saw many many computers, DELL desktops.

i found an empty seat and sat down, facing a black DELL desktop.
checked my mail, both yahoo and hotmail. also friendster.
received new comments from linfoong darling, pauline sweeat gal, and allie dearie.
left some comments in their friendster pages. weehee..!

pretty much nothing to do, so i came to this amazing page.
though it is less visited by other people, i like it.
cuz it has me inside.

it is now 2.32pm.
think it is time for me to pack my bag and leave.
cuz i have pharmaceutical biology tutorial class at 3pm.

next week will be a school free week.
it is meant to be study break.
ya, i need to catch up in my studies.
i need to spend less time "lazy-ing" around.
i need to arrange my timetable.
i want to vacumn my room.
do laundry.
call my mum, sis, dad and bro.
call linfoong darling.
call hannah as well.
i want to cook porridge.
i want to go to bed before 12.30am.

i want to read bible more.

time is running.
bye from me.
do not miss me too much.
i'll be back home soon.

signing off now.



Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Happy Family means..

Easter Sunday Service 2007

Jaclyn, Me, Ah Jia, beloved Iris, Jon

My cellgroup...!! being recruited by the Yeos company to promote YEOS drinks in Perth,Aus.

Now, each one has one in their hands...!!!

YAY...!!!!!!! ^^ i've got two easter chocholate eggs on my palm ...!!

so happie..!!

L to R: cheahcheah, Karen (senior), Kimberly (senior), Ah Jia, Iris (senior), Yanyan

The girls..!!!!

L to R : yeefang, yityeng, shirley, yan hua, cheah yen, stefan (ops!! a guy!!) ling weng, jaclyn.

Mass of people, from all corners of the world, fellowshipping under the trees, having a geat time of chit-chatting and getting to know more new friends.

Yityeng and Shirley...!!!

From left : Ling Weng, Ah Jia, Yee Fang and *faint* half of Yityeng's face, heehee...!!!!
After service, having lunch of ready packed Nasi Lemak and Fried
MeeHoon outside the Lecture theatre.

Congregations of Curtin students during the service at Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Theatre.

Message of the day delivered by Pastor Patrick.

This is the captivating part of the presentations - HIP HOP DANCE...!!
(btw: i spotted my current CG leader, Fenny Soo inside the dance team ,hiihii)

Choir - Song titled "One More Time" originally by The Katinas!!!! super nice song..!!

Jaclyn and Ah Jia, just before the Easter Sunday Service! i wanted to be in the pic too, but too bad i was holding the camera at that time -__-/// hahahahaahah..


Dearest myself and readers..

i have a confession to make...

that is..

the reason why i do not blog so often..

i "memang" have a lot of things to blog about and pics to upload..

but most of the times..

i am too lazy to blog...

or when i wanna blog..

i'll be reminded that there are several previous events that i have yet to post in blog..

so i cant be bothered to write about the current event..

and finally..

that is how my unposted blogs accumulated...