Sunday, September 30, 2007

All the adjectives similar to Pretty and Happy

Today is sunday and i am very happy. I felt super happy since yesterday night. Partially due to the fact that chem test has been postponed =P. Lecturer hasnt give clear notice of that until which part is physical chemistry will be covered in the test, so i wasnt really prepared for it. And for the past week, i've missed out so many outings with church friends, like movie outings, ice skating and beach outings, just so that i can study for chem. But it's alright, i would say time well spent..?? hihihihihihi...
So my soul rejoices..!!! today i joined cellgroup for lunch after church. Decided to "tabao" and bring to Sara's house to eat. As we walked...

I love walking from ZPH to Carawara lor, cuz the roads leading to Karawara is so beautiful (maybe i'm little too 38) .... but cant help it ^^. Along the roads ,the yellow little flowers carpet the grass so wonderfully. Looking at those tiny yellow petals standing and wavering to us, makes me feel so plain happy...!!!! ^^ couldnt help admiring the grass...!!! and the trees too...!!!

Derrell and Sara and YeeFang wanna be Charlie's Angels but hey they have 3girls, not 2girls and 1guy =P, hahaha.. so funny..!!

And so, i took over derrell's position in the picture. heeeheeehee, chun-ted rite the formation..!! it's two galaxy stars joining one of their edges, with one red star shining so brightly in the middle lor ^^ (what did i just said?? sound lame =P ) purposely upload those pics to the smallest scale possible cuz i wanna hide my face. Hasnt been having enough sleep the night before so my face look kinda weary and not pretty in the picture, ofcourse dun wanna let u all see la =P....!!! hiihiihihhi...

Crossed the road over to Erica Underwood's house. Hmmm, the on-campus name almost got me confused with Carrie Underwood la. heeheeehee.. anyway, what i wanna say in this pic is... EVEN the roadside looks so beautiful..!! okie, maybe the beautiful-ness of the roadside couldnt be fully potrayed in this pic, but aye, really pretty la..!!!! with trees lining the roadsides, and small bushes of well trimmed flowers adding colours to it..! can you guys see the pink little flowers at the back..?? yea, so so so pretty lor!

This flower is very interesting, it has only one and one only stem poking out from the brown soil. TA DAH...!! one stem..!! very amazing, no leaves or whatsoever, wonder how it conducts photosynthesis (almost type chemosynthesis, my biology teacher will be disappointed if i did type chemosynthesis, muahahhaha) .. and yes, how did it ever undergo photosynthesis..?? and yet managed to produced such a beautiful captivating pink little bell-shape flowers..!!!! amazing rite.??? (emphasize ) AMAZING RITE...???? yea, small flowers definitely captures my heart, man..!!! AYE, SO PRETTY..!!!!

and this is the roadside, heeheehee... i love the trees lor, the leaves are as thin as needle and as sharp as needle (duh??) as in they look sharp but they cant poke ^^. so intricate and soft lor. wrong angle of picture but stil beautiful la.. Imagine, walking by the peaceful roadside (not many cars passed by at that time ^^) with a cool breeeze blowing over you on a bright day yet not hot. You've just finished attending sunday service which made u so spiritually feeded and now you're being physically pampered by God's creation, isnt that AMAZING..??? i just love it lor!! love it love it love it...!!!
this is what i call plain happiness..!!

Derrell : take picture somemore?? wonder when can we reach sara's house then!
ok ok, now mar reach ady lor, see.. everyone was happy enjoying their take-away lunch..!!
from left Derrell, Dayong, yeefang, Sara, ME, Rungano, and Thomas. Erica Underwood has better facilities than Vickery lor, Comfy sofa (i can fall sleep on it easily ^^) , nice huge tv, better bathroom and bigger rooms. but oh well, as long as the basic needs are provided in Vickery then it's ok ^^, it's not like i'm holiday-ing over here in Perth and enjoying life. Many more people in some parts of the world are staying under tents and suffering from contaminated water supply and insufficient food lor.
Anyway, we had great time at Sara's place. Chit Chat-ed and the derrrell ah, so funny la, everything within his eyes' scan can be used to make jokes -__-..... i spent more time on the comfy sofa though =P... and naughty Sara said wanna conduct phychological test on each one of us to see how fast we react. I was the first guinea pig. Apparently it was a trick lor, everyone ended up repeatedly tapping their foreheads with two fingers while continuously uttering " M T M T M T" which is ... EMPTY... which means... ( leaving this part to ur own interpretation )...
haha, well, was funny though. meant no harm other than giving everyone a good laughter time lor !! and i've recorded the rest of the victims-in-action in my phone-Video, nyehnyehnyeh...!!
At the end of the day, thomas (like a dad) distributed bookmark to each one of us...!! woot...!! got new bookmark aye...!!! everyone said "thank you papa"..!! haha...!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


There is an endless day
when i hear it whisper
gently into me
as far as my memory can lead me
i could only remember...
How could it be?
that it was a mistake, a wrong take
the moment i obeyed my own desire
my own desire

what was is
that was broken was shattered?
was given with no returned?
was ruined beyong repair?
sadness and bitter
came uninvited
sorrow and tears
the unwelcome guest.
choose to retract into my shell
hide there in quietness in darkness
deprive from the world
and all that is moving
no one sees
heaven calls out to me
loved ones try to bail me out
the world shouts at me
yet when all is done
i am still i am
to God Almighty i cry out
Abba Father
have mercy
grace of unending love
chains need to be broken
release my soul my spirit
save a wretch like me
a wretch like me
a broken heart
a rotten past
all of me that is gone
and none of me that remains
O God My only Savior
if You that said
my hope is in Your promise
my strength is in Your power
my life is in Your hand
even when
i could not comprehend Your work
i could not see Your plan
i could not feel Your love
i will trust in You
let my spirit not wither
let my heart not decay
as long as life sustains
as long as life sustains.


Sunset by Sabah beach

Morning sky at the King's Park

Seaside at Fremantle

Evening by Swan River

Rocks and seaside at Penang beach

Random beach

Evening sky at a traffic light

Bunbury beach

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Favourite SOng


One of the many days

9.45am, was in a vege shop to buy banana and strawberry. But i overheard a lady customer exclaiming "oh what's this..???" heeeheehe. Then came the lady shop owner and started promoting. Oh, as a non-kepoh-chi uni student, i stood at the side, and tried to listen. Very interesting!! well, last year i learnt about DNA recombinant in Intec. So, my guess would be that the scientists took out the gene that code for green/purple colour pigment and inserted it into the DNA strand of cauliflower seed before reproduction accurs. And hence, inilah dia...
the purple and green thing that u see in the pic beside. Very beautiful rite..?? i think, they can also do the same for yellow, orange,red and blue colou pigment. Then the white cauliflower will have more relatives already, it'll be so happy man!

and plus, the combination of various colour cauliflower will make my dish look so super interesting, like a rainbow..!! Oh ya, i can steam the 7colour cauliflower and then arrange them so that they look like a perfect half circle of rainbow on a huge white plate..!! GASP...!!! so pretty aye..???

At around 3pm, Jac knocked on my door. With my spec on, i turned over and said "ha..??".
Oh, so, there's something to eat ^^, muahaha...!! Jimmy brought some Kuih Lapis over, so Jac was asking me whether i wanna eat or not. OF COURSE i want, lol.. it's Kuih Lapis wor, freshly baked somemore ok. WOW, it tasted so so so nice, not too sweet, very sticky, very bouncy. lol..
Sharing is caring, so here it is, i share the pic of us eating with u guys who are reading my blog now, teeheeeheeehee...!!!!! so so nice ok, Jac was eating it layer by layer while i ate it just like that..

Yum Yum, it's like our first time eating traditional cake over here, after 7 months.. and oh, by saying that, i am starting to do the 2months countdown already... which means.... (figure out urself or kindly email to to get the answer) buahahahha...!!

Tessa Cheong + Cheah Yen + Kuih Lapis

= A picture...

(ok, Ah Jia will mostly likely to say i'm being lame again ) ....

Jaclyn How + Tessa Cheong +Kuih Lapis
= a picture as well...!!!

It was friday , so we had cellgroup as usual.
after worshipping and listening to Words, we had some refreshment, heavy refreshment most of the time though.... SO full..!!
anyway, Thomas sent Christina, Elise, Wilson and Derrell back after refreshment while 6 of us (yes, plus me, i'm holding the phone camera, that's why my face wasnt inside this photo, heehee) ... continue : 6 of us stayed back to play chess and a i-dunno-what-is-it-call-but-it-is-a-chinese-checkers-game.... Let me introduce to you, our players for the night!
From left : YeeFang, Rungano, Dayong, Fenny, Tim Chua
(p/s : player Cheah Yen is the camera gal)

so this is the i-dunno-what-is-it-called-but-it-is-a-chinese-checkers-game.. and i know how to play it, ok.

Super Inter-National Professional Chinese Checker Competitiooooon....!!!!!
Round 1:
Cheah Yen (M'sia)
v. Tim Chua(M'sia)
Cheah Yen won and proceeded to Semi-Final
( cough* loud applause please)

Round 2:
Fenny (M'sia)
v. Cheah Yen (M'sia)
Fenny won and proceeded to Final to compete with the top seeded player, Dayong.

(ummm... at least i have a row of blacks rite =<.... hahaha)

Round 3:
Dayong( M'sia)
v. Fenny (M'sia)
Dayong won and he got to bring all the cokes and lemon juice home..!!
because Dayong (black buttons) had conquered the corner position and the border line, Fenny foresee that she'll lose and Dayong foresee that he'll win. So, the game ended without further play.

On the other side of the hall (small living room la actually) , tension was in the air as Rungano compete english chess with Tim Chua. Silence and deep thoughts was the only adjectives i can use to describe the moment.
Tim Chua won.
Further information:
Rungano was bit disappointed but nevetheless, both of them have fun playing..!! at the end of the game, both of them shook hand as a sign of professional friendship amongst chess players.
Also, YeeFang ate 2 pieces of cheese cake and was so full that she felt sleepy throughout the nite, that she couldnt and didnt play. She said that she'll reduce the intake of food next week so that she wont feel sleepy anymore.
Cheah yen had so so so much fun that night playing the i-dunno-what-is-it-called-but-it-is-a-chinese-checkers-game...!!!!
God Bless Everyone..!! ^^

Friday, September 14, 2007

If she falls in love..

If she falls in love,
he will see her in her pinned up messy hair,

with specs and books and nerdy look,
yet feels comfortable with her.

If she falls in love,
he and she encourages each other,
to study hard for the coming exam.

If she falls in love,
he will walk her back
when's the sky turns dark.

If she falls in love,
she will pray for him
through every single sunrise and sunset.

If she falls in love,
she will want him to be there
during her graduation ceremony.

If she falls in love,
her heart does not beat for him like a teenage girl does,
but her heart is now set on a commitment towards him.

If she falls in love,
she will walk the wedding isle with tears,
because she knows it is the start of the journey together with him.

If she falls in love,
he will correct her for any wrongs
and she learns from him.

If she falls in love,
he will be her most compatible spiritual partner,
in her walk with Christ.

If she falls in love,
she will study the Bible,
and he be her bible study company.

If she falls in love,
he and she will worship the Lord together,
in the House of the Lord.

If she falls in love,
he and she will instruct the kids,
with all the teachings in the Bible.

If she falls in love,
she will go to market,
and come back cooking dinner for him.

If she falls in love,
she will discuss the newspaper headlines with him
when she reads newspaper in the morning.

If she falls in love,
she will be patient and lovely,
when he and she is stuck in traffic jam.

If she falls in love,
she will do the house cleaning jobs,
while he throws the rubbish and mends the leaking pipes.

If she falls in love,
he will say she is beautiful,
when the lines of old age is seen on her face.

If she falls in love,
she will wish to walk with him along the lakeside
after 50 years of their marriage.

If she falls in love,
she will read the dates from calender for him
when he is no longer able to read small letters from afar.

If she falls in love,
she will faithfully serve him,
even when he's already on the wheelchair and sickbed.

If she falls in love,
she will say to him,
do not be upset, see you again in heaven.

When she finally falls in love...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

If she could, she would..

She has always wanted to go for mission trips. She sees missionaries in remote areas, delivering services and sharing joy,peace and love. She sees the poverty of the needy and the struggle of the helpless. She wants to do the same too. Several times, she made the prayer to God to open ways for her, so that she could be in one of those places.

One day a church friend came to her and introduced her to a website. Her heart was immediately touched by the website. She realized there are millions of kids out there at the age of 5, carry heavy water to survive, dig bugs and eat bugs for meals, walk in their bare foot and worn out cloths, live in almost collapse small hut, grow up with a single parent or without parents at all and are seperated from the world. It breaks God's heart.

She felt overwhelmed because finally she could do something, she could sponsor a child. It was like her one first step to mission trip! She signed up in the website. All it requires is $40 per month. With $40 per month, the children in poverty stricken country gets enough food, clean water, education, medical care, bible and occasionally, the $40 can be sufficient enough to support the parents and siblings of the child as well. It could make a huge difference in the child's life!

All she needs to do is stop spending on lunches in school in cafes and in restaurants, instead pack lunches from home. She buys less shirts and prays constantly for the child. She would love to see the kid finishes high school and have a better life. She would love to see the kid grows up knowing she(the kid) is being loved by her. She would love to see the kid be equipped with Godly characters, be filled with joy and compassion for others. One day, she hopes to visit her sponsored child.

It is a very satisfying and meaningful experience for her to be able to release a child from poverty in Jesus's name.

Children are created in His image, valued and loved by Him. They belong to His kingdom.

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did fo one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did it for me." Matthew 25:40

If she could, she would do more. How about you?

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