Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The story of two housewives..

Today is Wednesday, equally hot as yesterday. The sky is very very bare. Naked sky, no clouds, not even a bird flying over. The sky is like a huge blue carpet spreading over the entire piece of dessert island. SO HOT LA..

I finished class at 11am and walked back to house. Took a bus though, cuz it's just too hot, me and Jac couldn't stand the heat of noon sun. A 10minutes exposure to this UV rays is more than enof to harm our skin, and barbecue us, hahaha... SO we hop onto bus 34, which was like 2minutes ride only.. haha.. hmmm, it's alright, it's summer, it's hot.. summer's gonna end soon, so it's alright to take a funny 2minutes bus ride.. right...! (cuz if we're walking, it'll take us 15 to 18 minutes to reach home, i'm good with walking during other 3 seasons, i dont mind at all, but it's summer, i dun wan all the hot-ness, like 37degree Celsius!!!)

People take on another different role when they are at home. As for me and Jac, we became housewives..!!! Once i reached home, i collected black shirts and pants from Jac and Janica, to be put into washing machine, hehehe, no more hand wash unlike last year.. wash the jeans like mad... hahaha... there is still stuff that we gotta hand-wash them la, just that huge things like bedsheets, jeans, etc, all those can be machine-washed ady, hahaha..

After cooking and eating lunch, we were set to clean the kitchen. For the past THREE days, there was this "Eeeww" stench lingering in the atmosphere of our kitchen, we sniffed here and there but couldn't figure out where was this stench coming from. We sniffed the drawers, fridge, bins, food racks, flower pot, sink, everywhere...!!!! Even the microwave and oven. Very funny, the stench seemed not to originate from any of those. Sigh...
I thought it was coming from the rotting grapes that one of my housemates threw yesterday morning, but that didnt make sense. Jac packed and removed the rubbish to the big rubbish bin outside the house, and i washed the cap of the bin. Hmmm, but then...

Cheah : Did you smell that..???
Jac: Ya... i smell it....
Cheah : Haih , dunno where does it comes from la, we've already clean the bin what...
Jac : ya...

What smell was that? Jac came out with this concept, it was a mixture of rotting nose pick with fart... APALAH.......... MANA MUNGKIN.... i knew it was the smell of something that rot over the days..!!

Next, we cleaned the stove and the sink. Jac introduced me to a traditional method of cleaning sink, that's by mixing Sodium Bicarbonate Na2CO3, with house vinegar.. heehee.. a combination of this both released CO2, hahahahahahaaa... anyways, it didnt work very well with cleaning the stubborn stain of the stove.. BUT it work really really amazing with the sink. The sink was so so so apparently SHINY-ier, blink blink that kind, squeaky clean...!!!!! GREAT, we both feel happy...!! Then, there was this soaking kitchen cloths in hot water and detergent just to kill germs and stuff.. Jac squad down to pull out a plastic from the drawer, then she murmured...

Jac : I smell it again......
Cheah : hmmm.... i know.. i smell it too.. how come...??
Jac : (sniff sniff, still squatting down) I KNOW ADY....!!!! IT"S FROM THE CLOTH....!!! (pointing to the green piece of cloth on the floor right in front of her)
Cheah : OOhhh....!!!
Jac : (sniff sniff again to double-confirm ) CORRECT, it's this thing....!!!!

Ah, finally...!!!! it's the piece of cloth on the floor that we put last week, to wipe the liquids on kitchen floor. Normal kitchen floor cloth wouldn't smell so badly, but maybe it was bcuz of last Saturday , Jac and YanHua used the kitchen to prepare foods for the Zion Food Fest. And water from fishball plastics bags dripped all over the place, and they used the cloth to wipe them out. You know, the water isnt clean water, it's the "hanyir" kinda smell.. so over the days, the "hanyir" water worsen, bacteria grow, and release methane ( or other sickenning odour la) .. THUS, comes the stench that i mentioned earlier on... HAIYO...

see, that stench caused me and Jac to wash the whole kitchen (it's a GOOD thing though =>)... just to find out it was from a piece of cloths on the floor and not from the stuff that we've cleaned... AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA.........................................
so, we packed the "Eeeww" thing into a plastic bag and throw it outside, wanna get rid of it forever... hahahahaha...

Cheah : Haiyo, think we very free izit, we are very busy cuz husbands coming back for dinner soon..
Jac : ( silence... then ) BUAHAHAHAHAHHA... ya ya, husband coming back for lunch soon...!!
Cheah : ( thinking for a moment ) alright , i think my husband is outstation, he wont be around for sometime, but still.. i gotta pick up my kids from the school.... isk, so busy.. and here we are, washing the kitchen after lunch...???
Jac : MUAHAHAHAHHAAH....we are housewives... hahaha...!!
Cheah : hahahahahahahahaha............!!!

pretending to be real busy housewives la, hahahah..

I then make my way to collect cloths from washing machine to be dried outside... Jac went back to her room..

**** THE END ****

Monday, February 25, 2008

Knowing God's will

I wonder how is God's will for me in terms of my relationship, hahaha. Seeing one by one of my close friends getting into a relationship or almost going into a relationship soon in the near future, really makes me think deep (dream deep??) when is my turn..?? when...? sometimes, drives me nut.. nah, JUST KIDDING, not that serious, hahahaha..

Few weeks ago, which was Valentines' Day, i was at the Lumut beach selling FLowers with B-Chai and Jia Jun, and mind you, i lost my RM1500 camera that day too, alright. Whereas, one of my good friends celebrated the V-Day by having candle-light dinner in a cosy restaurant, and the guy had the florist delivered to her a huge bouquet of roses in the middle of the romantic dinner. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at her with envy, imagine how rOmaNTic that is? so, now do u SEE THE DIFFERENCE between me and her...??
i share her happiness, i sincerely do! => but i do wish i have that too, haha..

(WOW , i will sound so desperate) but i do want to go dating, movie watching in cinema, beach strolling, cooking together and stuff like that, SOmEtiMeS......

HOWEVER, the other day pastor was telling us the story in Genesis 39:1-23. This story gives me DOUBLE confirmation of what i thought to be God's will for me.

Anyway, it is about the story of Joseph son of Jacob and Potiphar's wife. Initially Joseph was sold to Egypt by his envious brothers. Joseph gained the favor of God and God made him Potiphar's personal servant, one whom was in charge of the whole household. He has to worry for nothing except what to eat. However, Potiphar's wife desired Joseph. She seduced and tempted Joseph every single day. Joseph stood strong and made the decision to run away from her and even rejected her. Though in the end Joseph was accused by Potiphar's wife and was sent to jail, there he once again gained favor from jail warden and bla bla bla..

What have i learnt from this?
I learnt that God gave us the priviledge to make choices. And i want to make the right choice, in line with His will. Throughout my summer break, God has pretty much confirm with me that i shall...

By that time, i will already be 23 years old. And all of my close friends would have gotten into relationships for some time. I will have miss out all those sweety bubbly "paktor" time that people around me are enjoying. I will miss out a lot a lot, but ...

God from the "Joseph and Potiphar's wife" story has also taught me that making the right choice sometimes will cost us. It cost Joseph his career as Potiphar's trusted servant and his reputation. Making the right choice doesnt guarantee IMEDIATE relief, or IMEDIATE positive result. But God eventually bless Joseph to be the Governor of Egypt, didn't He...?

Making this choice cost me to miss out "all those sweety bubbly paktor time and stuff". Making the right choice doesnt guarantee me a spouse now. But i know making this choice is the right thing to do. I learn and i want to lay down my earthly desire and wait for the best from God. The best doesn't conform to the "worldly-best" but best because he will suits me the most. In exchange of my commitment of singlehood now, i trust God by His mercy and grace to bless me with a relationship that is worthy of the wait. That's a pretty much good trade isn't it? I mean, trade in 3 or 4 years of my youth in exchange for a 80year or more for ONE relationship that is of God's will and favor!!! That is so so so worthy of the wait....!! but again, there's no certainties so far, who knows God who always does things unexpectedly in my life, will want me to be single only, hihihi...!!!

Why should i be corncerned of God's will and making the right decision? Because anything that is not God's will will not bring me anywhere and i will not inherit the best that God wants to bless me with. Because i say I Love God and that means abiding by His words and His will for me. Even Jesus's last prayer at his cross was "not my will, but Thy will". Jesus was not concerned with his own will but his Father's will.

I will wait upon the Lord. I want to graduate to honor and serve Him. I want to be fruitful in my days as a student and member of the church. I want to increase in knowledge of Him. All if, by God's grace and will.


Alright, no more "Wu Liao Emo-Emo" after this. =>

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do i stay or do i go back?

Someone told me today that I should start career planning now. He said that many scholars actually stayed back and work, and they managed to pay back the Government the amount of scholarship given, just within few years of working, which depends on our financial planning- meaning if we have less financial burdens we can pay back Government faster. So that means, if I want to stay back in Perth after I graduate, I should actually start looking for a job in pharmacy NOW, because I will have to fulfill 500hours of work before I graduate so that I can actually work as a registered pharmacist in Perth. But the issue now is, do I want to stay back in Perth when I graduate? Who cares how I feel. What matters is what God’s will is for me when I graduate. Yea, what is God’s will.

Let say, if I stay in Perth, I’ll earn really a lot a lot and I can pay back Government. Well, that’s the furthest I can see. What do I get if I stay back? A much higher pay (that’s all???) , and that’s very tempting, undoubtedly…

If I go back to Malaysia, I will have to work with the Government for years, with not a very high pay and probably a less challenging job requirement, boooo... But I will have a thing that I shall accomplish then, that is MY PPW vision. MY PW vision is really really huge, and it is a whole life thing. Alright, I will talk about MY PPW vision in coming post. You guys just read ahead and at least get an idea of what I’m feeling NOW. Once God put me in MY PPW, I can’t think of any way that I can get out from there. Even if Ah Wee kick me out, I will be thick faced and insisted on staying in, hahahaha… but seriously! I have God’s vision to accomplish in Sitiawan and generally in Malaysia, IF I GO BACK AFTER GRADUATING. It is God’s vision for the team and I’ve committed myself to His will and the team. So by right, I shouldn’t be considering about staying back in Perth, because obviously I am going back to Malaysia and fulfill God’s vision for the team and the people! And so it will be!

So, do I stay or I go back? Many people will say “Pray and see what is God’s will”. Yup, I know that. I am doing it.

But sometimes, when conversation like this spark off, I just somehow, think… should I stay or should I go back?

And by the way, I can’t see myself getting married to a guy and staying in Perth, no no NO… It is either I really love Malaysia ( urm well, hahaha) or.. Somehow I just don’t feel so. I think the latter one makes more sense, haha.

And so the conclusion is, I do not have to think about the 500 hours of working in pharmacy before graduating, hihiihiihi..
And that indirectly indicates that I have stronger reason to go back Sitiawan for a while during my summer break.

However, it would be good to work a while during summer break to gain more experience and knowledge.

So, probably I will work for a month?? And then STILL go back Malaysia. Yippie…!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

MY PPW Melacca Trip

this is gonna be like, the longest picture post EVER...!!!!!!
fasten your seatbelts and make sure your internet connection is not doggy...!!!
CUZ lots of pictures is coming your way NOW....!!!!!

Below are picturess that we (MY PPW team) took during our Melacca Trip from 26 Dec 2007 till 30 Dec 2007.

I wont be writing anything down the pictures this time. Each picture worth a thousand words. I just cant write enough to convey all the spirits, emotions and events that took place... it is just so so so AWESOME, with our Heavenly Father as Director and this bunch of people as servants and worshippers.

MY PPW team members, this is specially dedicated to you... and i still miss you guys dearly...!!!
GBU.... IPWS+C+L....!!!

Vision 2010.

"Zhi Wei Ni Er Huo"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I miss I miss I miss you..

It is Monday, the fifth day of Chinese New Year. Almost everyone is back to their positions and daily obligations. And I am still here in Sitiawan, starting to miss everyone badly. I miss our PPW team. I miss my sis, Hannah, Amy, Sophia, Samantha, Nick, Kelvin, Tommy, B-Chai, ZeeWei, Samson, Tim and Des. And Ah Wee who always thinks of ways to bully me, I miss him too.

I miss my tambourine girls, Shirley, Janet, Michelle, Jin Yan, Jael, Shirlene, Christine, Jeng Chee, Laura and Chai Hui. I miss my hiphop dance members, Steven, Chin Hooi, Tee Han, Siu Zhen, Ah Hui, Kok Wai, Vivian and Jun Hao.

What is going through my mind now? All the times we spent together as a team, on duty or off duty.

I miss my sis for being my wonderfully loving care taker wherever I go. I miss Hannah around with her sweet smile and the time we hang out, just the two of us sweeping through all the boutiques in town at night to find a cheap CNY dress to no avail. I miss Amy’s dangerously contagious laughter, beware if you are not ready to laugh whole day then stay 10metres away from her. I miss Sophia always being a cute kid and sharing with me all her stuff. I miss Samantha being demure and quiet. I miss Nick being a guy with much more “jump-ier” and “laugh-ier” now. I miss Kelvin being the one representative from guys group who loves to take pictures as much as me, or probably more than me, haha. I miss B-Chai’s cold jokes and only-one-look-for-all-expressions face. I miss ZeeWei being the joker, always causing our abdominal muscle to cramp due to superbly excessive laughter and also the one who calls Amy as “nguai ki ai zhing”. I miss Tommy with his exaggerated stories. I miss Samson being the only guy who always remains sensible when everyone else is getting loose. I miss Ah Wee always saying I’m old like a grandma and fat, and calling the team to united-ly soak me in the swimming pool, nevertheless also the one pumping spiritual lessons into my life for many many years. I miss Lina who always is on my side and protect me from being bullied by Ah Wee. I miss Des who looks mature and serious, and when u travel long journey in his car, he can make u feel like jumping off the car that very instant hahaha. Tim din get to be with us most of the time due to the nature of his work, but there if there is one thing that I can learn from him that would be his confidence in expressing ideas and his outspokenness. I miss the team serving together, traveling long journey together, eating together (no no no shower together ok!!) , living together, drinking my almost tasteless Chinese herbal tea, taking pictures together, talking and joking together. I miss learning and playing “Chor Tai Di”, and the “squad up” punishments after game, haha. I miss I miss I miss...

I miss my tambourine girls. I miss them calling me “lau shi, lau shi, lau shi”… I miss chasing after Janet and she being the naughtiest girl, I miss pinching her rosy cheeks. I miss Jael being the gifted dancer and a helpful good sweet girl. I miss Laura’s shyness and her long silky straight hair. I miss Jin Yan being the youngest yet one of the talented tambourine dancers. I miss Michelle the spec-ky girl. I miss Shirley the beautiful one, and always helping me to “calm down” the hyperactive Janet. I miss their small petite body size, relatively I’m like a giant when I stand beside any of these girls. I miss their laughters and shouts. I miss all of them very very much.

I miss Steven’s chunk of white hair, and him sitting like a big boss and the only one who dares to bully me during dance practise, ggrrrrr. I miss Chin Hooi for his always so funny body moves during dance practice, and the whole team had good laugh man, good one to chill out the stressful atmosphere during practice. I miss Siu Zhen for always making the wrong moves and herself bursting out into laughter, and her being 45minutes late to practice causing me to burst into anger and tears. I miss Ah Hui for not being very ladylike, cuz I myself is not very ladylike either, so I have a companion, haha. I miss Kok Wai being always missing halfway through practice to have dinner with his family. I miss Jun Hao for being the “sshhh, don’t mention my name, I’m shy” guy who always prevents me from continuing my words whenever I want to correct his wrong moves. I miss Vivian for always sitting up straight, salute you, girl. I miss TeeHan for being the gentleman in the team, always helping me to carry the kettle-look-alike-radio.

Almost all of my days in Sitiawan were spent with these people. In my very very early post, I defined home as “people+love+time”, and God gave them all to me. I am truly blessed to feel at home here, not just because logically my house in is Sitiawan but the existence of them makes me feel even closer at home. I often hear from my friends that their holiday was boring and they were rusting at home, thus making me even more can’t help thanking God for the holiday that He has given me. This is because these people never fail to shower me with love, laughter and unforgettable memories everyday I am in Sitiawan. My holiday was never once boring or meaningless. In fact, I woke up feeling excited and looking up to the gatherings and dance practices.

I miss all, dearly……..

Friday, February 1, 2008

Proof of My Random-ness...


Long time ago one of my guy friends told me, ladies are a creature of emotions. I smiled meekly as I listen to his theory. I wonder how is that going to happen to me now that I’m reaching figure 21 in my counting of age.

Today is Friday. With a fight between my mum and bro kicking off the day, my mood takes a bad start and lasted till now. Not long after, I did a video clip using my phone which lasted about 2minutes. It was about one guy that I used to like. The sound track of the video clip was “Before I Fall in Love” by Coco Lee. The lyrics goes like this-

We’ve got something real
Can I trust the way I feel
Cuz my heart have been fool before
Am I just seeing what I want to see
Or is it true
Could you really be.

I’m at the point of no return
So afraid of getting burn
But I wanna take the chance
Oh please, give me a reason to believe
Say, you’re the one, that you’ll always be

Someone to have and hold
With all my heart and soul
I need to know
Before I fall in love
Someone who stay around
Throughout my ups and downs
Please tell me now before I fall in love

It’s been so hard for me to give my heart away
But I would give my everything.
Just to hear you say.

Who say single lady doesn’t have relationship problem, haha. In fact, single lady could have been in the more fragile situation of constant struggle with their emotions and uncertainties.

Anyway, within two hours, my feeling becomes so complex. Emo. I don’t know where to start, what’s the course. I am stressing out.

After posting this random thought, I will head to Teluk Batik and sit there quietly. Maybe I will climb the rocks there and sit at the verge of the rocks. I want somewhere quiet. I’ve always wanted to go and sit by the beach since I came back to Sitiawan, although in the first place I was planning to go with friends. I guess me myself alone today will suffice.

I am not a super woman. One of the many days in a year, I can be emotional and feeling complex. I am just a girl, still learning how to walk out of her 20 and soon turning 21.