Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mmm.. hasn't been updating my blog for some time..

My home internet is down at the moment, and we're still trying to cancel the current iPrimus contract and try to apply for iiNet..

i hasnt been onlining at night for 2weeks..??

but yea, wil come bloggin again when my internet is back !!!!!

hence, now i declare a short term sick-leave from blogging.. heeheehee..

and am now in uni library, curi-curi using eBuddy to msn chat with people.. lol..

see u guys again when i come back blogging..


p/s :currently enjoying dance practise, wink wink!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Monday again, time is pasing so quickly, Ah Jia is back and i can hear her shouting "Jiwang Po" at me again, haha.. mmm, i am in the school library to online.. while i was in the lift to 3rd floor of the library, i caught a glimpse of myself in the lift reflection and my gosh!!! my eye bag is just so scary....!!!!!!! it's like a hemisphere with "jejari" of 3cm underneath my eyes... i thought i look well, till i see my own reflection in the lift.. the normal mirror din reveal the eye bags to me, but the metal wall in the lift showed me my horribolous eye bags, huuhuuhuuuhuu...

anyway, my home internet is down for few days and i cant online at home, din have time to online anyway, hhaahahah.. so i am taking the lunch break from IO to online...AAAhah, i know i am lorsor-ing..

okiee.... let's see... lots have been happening for the past whole week... every single day i woke up before 7.30am without fail, and went to bed after 12am without fail, and hence explains the appearance of my eye bags.. was out from the house by 8am and back to house only after 4pm.. out again by 6pm and back by 10pm - 11pm... WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK...!!!!

1. IO volunteer in school
2. Gelare outing with new friends
3. dance practise at night
4. twilight tour with the IO and new students on friday night when the worst storm ever hit Perth!!!!!
5. Community service cleaning a street and pulling weeds and cleaning church office
6. "the dark knight" movie ticket-ing and outing
7. more and more dance practise

So much to talk about especially the IO, the tour in the 200kmph storm, and the community service and the Batman movie...!!!!

but i'll postpone the story to when i've collected all the pictures from ppl.. (always remind me that i lost my camera ,huuhuuhuu).. ahaha.. anyway, i wanna get rid of my eye bags...! ^^

i'm having a great time now, the busiest ever, the most tiring ever period of the year in Perth.. but just again, i am really determined to go all out this winter.. i mean, winter 2008 comes only once, the time will never stop nor come back, the opportunities to do things also comes once.. the time and energy to serve doesnt always come knocking to my door.. and there's no studies and exams to bde bothered about now.. what else is holding me back from going all out to do more for God and for the community..?? none..!!! what will i be 30yrs down the road...? i dun wanna look back and regret not doing more when i was young, having the time, energy and opportunity to do so.. youth is someone's prime time (generally la).. so use it all to the fullest for His kingdom's work...!!!

along the way, i got to know alot more church people that i seldom talk to, they are all great people, all having one same purpose that is to do His will and serve the church and people.. when we have common purpose and vision, it's just so east to make friend and connect..!!
same goes with relationship.. when we have same purpose, vision and understanding, two people can be together regardless of age, distance and time.. (haha, no wonder Ah Jia called me JiwangPo =.=''') but anyway, i am just so glad to befriend this wonderful bunch of church people that is normally not within my immediate circle of friend...!!!

will talk more about it when i've got the pics to blog about.. this blog is getting more and more boring without pics...!!!!!!! hahahaha...

till then, this winter is gonna be great...!!! more to come till the much anticipated Freshies Welcome Sunday, which will be on the first week of August..


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday morning, i went out from my house at 7.50am, with this kinda excitement as if i'm going to Balik Kampung to Penang for Chinese New Year le (oh well, the morning cold air smells like i'm going to Balik Kampung punya smell, hahahhaa). When i was much younger, i rmmber few days before CNY, my whole family will wake up extra early for the 3hrs journey to Penang. We packed luggages into the carboot, and said byebye to our dog- Ah Gal, then closed the house gate, locked it, and then off we went- 3hours journey driving to Penang!!!! love the view along the highway, although nothing much rlly to see along highway in Msia but the excitement was there, making the journey so excited.

Ah, i'm supposed to talk bout yesterday, why i always dig out the good old times to Lor Sor about, i dunno...!!!! =___= '''

hahahah.. so yea, i jumped into YanPin's car, and with YanHua, three of us headed to Curtin..!!! it was my first day of CV- Curtin Volunteer...!!! When we arrived, we put on a bright yellow vest, u know the one that a traffic marshal always wear, yup that one..!!! kakakaak, so that we be visible from far to the lost new students. hahaha.. oh wow, and we come with complementary umbrella, which looks quite doggy but interestingly attractive, kakakakaa...!!! tomorrow i'll take pic with yanhua and tracey ,and blog it for u all to see...!!

it was very enriching to be CV.. oh before i LorSor further, CV is like.. a student based volunteering organisation under Curtin.. to help out around uni during this two weeks of Orientation.. we are to be at certain lecture theatre to assist the lecturers during all the orientation briefings, seminars, etc etc.. we do Crowd control, we assist new student in getting to their destination (cuz LOTS of new students arent familiar with Curtin uni, hence they get lost in Uni walking around the same area, or just never reach their destination even though they've been walking for 2hrs).. reminds me of what happen to me last yr, when i was lost in the roundabout near Elizabeth Jolley lecture Theatre for a good long 2 hours..!!! super donkey...!!

other than that, we are placed in two different booths-called the Help Point, to be there and offer help to any students that need help.... kihkihkihkih, it did not take long before i was able to identify the "Lost Face" on most of the students, lol.. they look inferior, confused.. and some of them even walked past us many times!!! this means that they've been lingering in the same area for some time, poor people.. Curtin is like a MAZE, scary.. but actually when we've been here for 2 or 3 months, then we'll know better about the locations of buildings in Curtin, prol Curtin isnt that big anyway, kakakkakak...

Amazing, i've never knew Curtin any better before i became a CV.. i found out where
s the Main Entrance of Curtin International College.. quite hidden one lor, i walked around the CIC building with a new student, and only then i discover CIC Main Entrance le...!!! and i've also found out that there's this Faculty of Humanity (sounds so human >__< )... SO FUNNY, i never knew bout this Humanity thingie before even though i've been in Curtin for 1.5yrs..!! so actually Architecture is under Humanity Faculty >___<''''...... and also, Curtin actually has a cafe called Curtin on the Art or Curtin on the Arch (tak tahu lah)... kakakaa.. it's a more highclass cafe, for the working ppl in Curtin.. from 8am til 4pm, i've walked around Curtin for about 3 times.. tired man.. but fun...!!! fun to be able to help the lost students, fun to talk to ppl...!! fun to tell them where to go for grocery, where to go for enrolment, where to go for housing assistance!!... fun to show them where is building 210, fun to show them the rest rooms, fun to give out Curtin Map and teach them how to read map, hahaha..!! it is all fun all day long..!!

but then i came back home feeling sick.. i need Pseudoephedrine for my congested nose.. pain relief for muscle cramp around my eyeball.. and lozenges for my sorethroat.. huuuhuuuhuuuhuu... Vivien is like Big Mummy...! she made me swalow 1000mg vit C, 5capsules of Spirulina tablets, 1 big cup of Honey water, 1 big bottle of water.. woke me up to drink water.. showed me angry face when i curi-curi makan the MacD fries... she even cooked porridge le..!!!!! i love to be taken care of like that, hihihihi... lovely...!!!!! whoever marries VIvien will be really really blessed...!!! she also cleaned the house le while i was sleeping...!! even washed the nasty smelling rubbish bin..!!! isk isk isk, wife like her ,where to find , i ask u...!!

anyway, that's a brief one (oh is it ??) ... going off to bed early! tomorrow's another busy day...!!! and the dance practise is starting tomorrow night..!!! yay,cant wait...!!! pray that my body can endure...!!!! ^^


This is my prayer in the desert
When all that's within me feels dry
This is my prayer in the hunger and need
My God is the God who provides
This is my prayer in the fire
In weakness or trial or pain
There is a faith proved that's more worth than gold
So refine me Lord through flame
I will bring praise I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice I will declare
God is my victory and He is here
This is my prayer in the battle
When triumph is still on its way
I am a conquer'or and co heir with Christ
So firm on His promise I'll stand
I will bring praise I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice I will declare
God is my victory and He is here
All of my life, in every season
you are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship
I will bring praise I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice I will declare
God is my victory and He is here
This is my prayer in my harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I'm filled to be emptied again
The seed I've received I will sow

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brief update (ok i will try to write less words !!! ) esp to my Sis, Yuwan, Linfoong ^^ and yeefang (if u're reading from NewZealand, hihihi..)

I've been doing lots of grocery shopping and lots of cooking. this past whole week, been cooking dinner everyday to feed 4guys and 2gals. U know when there's only two people in the house, somehow we just dont feel like cooking that much. We'll just grab some bread for dinner and eat whatever instant stuff available in fridge. BUT when there's ppl coming over for dinner everyday and knowing the fact that the guys dun normally get to eat homecook good food, makes me even more eager to cook good dinner hey! and guess what, as true as it is, greatest SATISFACTION comes seeing them finishing ALL the food on the table and hearing them complaining too full, that's just so happy lor...!!!!
now i know why my mum complained so much when i ate outside and came home full, unable to finish her dinner. it's her effort, it's her anticipation, her satisfaction, her happiness to see us finishing ALL the food that she cooked. mmm, i will rmmber this lesson from now onward...!!!! it's an act of love, if you ever know ^^

mmm, been also doing some stuff for cellgroup, like announcement, games, food and Vision sharing. Winter cell is so much fun and ppl are just great!!!
There's orientation committee, where i'm in charge of the prayer group. Leon is very helpful, Cindy very sweet, Dana very pure and lovely, Doreen very strong, Chris very funny, Justin very funky. But they are all great prayer warriors who are willing to step out and pray for this coming big events. been learning alot from them, like knowing what young pl nowadays are into (ok la, i'm older by a yr or two, but stil old, haahhaha) , seeing their hearts of prayer and their sincere prayer, and how they can just click with each other within the 1st hour of meeting is very encouraging. and i enjoy being their friends!!!! esp Leon with his lame jokes =.="""
there's also Curtin Volunteer thing. looking forward to it, as Marcus said , we'll be the ambassador of Curtin to the new ppl that wil enrol in Curtin this sem. but actually we'll carrying this identity as Christian. we're being taught how to have discernment while comunicating with ppl so that we wont scare them off when they found out that we're actually "the Bible people". u know that there are non believers that are quite radical/sceptical/etc bout being friends with Christians, so yea.. and we might grow tired, get boring, being discourage for this coming two weeks but... when we sing "we love you Lord" then we will the more wanting to do things that matter most to God and willingly do it, joyfully embrace it, and wisely work on His plan...!!
Do wanna just utter "I Love You Lord" and not do it..
wanna do His will when we're still young.. dun wanna regret 30yrs down the road, when i look back, i regretted not doing more, bcuz cant do God's will when i'm old.. of cuz we can stil serve when we're old, but dun wanna look back at my youth and regreted that i've wasted it away on other not important stuff geh...... time ticks without stopping, even now when i'm blogging... time that is past can never be retrieved.. so therefore, use whatever time we have while we're stil in our youth for His glory,as living for Him and not for myself...!!!

okie la, enough of Lor-Sor-ing.. other than that two, have been doing some blogging (SOBZZZ!! I PROMISE MY SIS TO UPLOAD MY BDAY PIC , TILL NOW STIL HALFWAY THRU ONLY, SAVED AS DRAFT) .. some drama watching, some fair bit sleeping, lil reading, also catching up with my China fren, malaysian friend, and perth friends, hahaha..

starting tomorrow, it'll be the intensive two weeks of orientation in Uni.. will update more soon.. gonna sleep early cuz have to wake up early tomorrow... i dun like waking up early...!!!!!! but nvm, let's do it, for Somebody up there...!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Yesterday, Sunday morning 10am, Brother Sudha Niles was in our church to share sermon.

And he was talking about money......!!!! (mouth open big big ok) i cant wait to post this one , cuz it was so-so-so-the-super-related-and-connected to my previous post, which was posted the midnight before this Sunday sermon...!!!

ok i'll keep this post short& simple, cuz ppl tell me i've always write too long.. OOoow...

He said, when it comes to money, we tend to follow cultural norm.
Example: Huuuuugeee diamond ring for proposal, latest phone with 3G etc etc

Luke 18:18-30 (parable of a rich man)
of all area of living, this particular man finds it hard to part with his money..

Luke 3:7-14
This passage does not say give everything we have. but when u have more than enough, share with someone who doesnt have enough (oh yea, we have tendency to have more than enough, dont we???)
We buy the latest video game for our kids when the kids already have more than enough, but for the same amount of money we can sponsor a child already!
We need to be generous to needy ppl.
also, be content with what you have. contentment is not equal to lazyness or iddylic mode.
but contentment means do not greed, because greed can lead to a host of other sins!
He quote example of nowadays kids who change phone every 6months.. >___<'''
but again, that doesnt mean we can stop working towards excellence in our respective job field. JUST do not greed.

Luke 12:16-21 (parable of fool rich man)
He has everything, more than enough.
He tore down his current house and build a bigger better house for himself, just because he has no place to store his money.
Bro Sudha said, we work work work and plan and save up for retirement. But some studies shows that many ppl after retirement, feel that life is empty.. Bro.Sudha asked "How many golf balls can u hit after retirement anyway??"
It is not wrong to improve our living standard, but do not be obsessed with storing wealth on earth, we might not even have enough days to spend all the money. Instead, invest in His kingdom. that's eternal investment that we can make with our money.

show financial intergrity with what we have received.
be honest..
Bro Sudha quote a funny example, hahah.. he asked if we know of the magic trick of placing a coin in one of three cups turned upside down.. then the magician will move the three cups around and eventually the coin is gone.. in the accountancy firm that he's working with, accountants are good at tranfering money from this acc to that acc.. transfer again to another acc and another acc.. eventually the money is gone.. HAHAHA...
(i am guessing this funny example is related to Financial Integrity lor..)

Luke 16:10-11
If we can be faithful in small matters, then we will be trusted in big things.
( i was thinking , if we cant stand small temptations, what makes us think we can stand big temptation in the future?? so take small temptations as practise lor..)

1 Timothy 6:6-12 (talks about love of money)
6 But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7 For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. 8 But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. 9 People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 11 But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. 12 Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.
- rlly lor, we bring nothing to the world, and we can take nothing from the world when we die. just like playing monopoly, we build houses, invest in hotels, collects money from other players.. but in the end of the day, it all goes back into the monopoly box.

so, be good manager of your money. Be wise. Be trifty but generous.
Do not greed. And use it for the expansion of His kingdom. Invest in eternal treassures.
Deposit in God's bank, which we can have highest rate of interest ever..!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008



i just came back from a birthday dinner of a very very dear friend of mine. It was a chinese themed dinner, at this chinese restaurant in Northbridge. We were all enjoying ourselves, enjoying the sumptuous dishes.. served by the super cool waitress... in a very fine atmosphere.. with very loving group of Big JieJies and two big bro.. haha.. i'm the youngest in the dining group (group of 10) and two big JieJies beside me kept serving me with food lor, feel so "sayang-ed", hihihiihi...!!!!! ^^ we were all chatting away happily.. it can be considered as fine dining dinner with chinese food that kind la.. all , everything, everyone was well... untill....

THE BILL CAME.. AND IT WAS FREAKING $500...!!!!!!!! WHAT THE CRAB..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE ONLY ORDERED ONE EXPENSIVE STUFF- A PLATE OF SNOW CRAB (plus 6 other normal dishes, an entree and a plate of fruit as apetizer).. AND THE BILL WAS $500..???? prol it is fine with rich ppl out there, but not to me, and i'm not rich...!!!



SO WE ENDED UP COLLECTING CASH FROM EVERYONE TO MAKE UP TO THE $390... at this time of century, where got ppl bring so much cash out one!! ppl bring credit card ok...!! but amazingly we managed to collect enof..

and in the bill, it was written 5kilo of snowcrab... excuse me..?? where got..????? that plate where got 5kilo of snowcrab on it..??? IMPOSSIBLE.. we all ate only one big arm and one small arm lor.. some only ate small arm only ok...!!!! SUPER JAHAT the restaurant...!!!!

i just feel wanna blast....
- the restaurant calculated $110 extra on our bill and refused to let us have the bill...!!!!
- stated 5kilo of snowcrab on one plate....!!! impossible man...!!!

BTW, on the way back home in the car, the more i think of it, the more i feel like blasting at how some rich ppl spend money....
do u know, $44 one month is enough to sponsor one hungry kid from 3rd world country ady...!!
and how poor ppl cant even afford to buy RM30 new shoes for their kids to go school...!!

but some non-sensible ppl spend like $50 per meal, often.. for some stupid snowcrab or whatever it maybe..
too much money izit...!!! dunno how other ppl suffering out there izit..

eat so expensive for what le..!! eat normal rice, normal chicken, normal fish, normal crab oso can live healthily what.. prol even healthier..!!!!
and that kinda reataurant open for what purpose oso i dunno...!!

( i know, super broken english, but just cant be bothered at this moment)

if try for once ( I MEAN ONCE ONLY), to gain experience, that's alright...!!
but some stupid rich ppl eat like that many times, for the sake of pleasure, for fun, for the "feel good"feeling... then i REALLY FEEL like kicking them to make them wake up!

okie, i know i sound very evil.. very uncivilised.. very wicked..
but having spent $50 bucks on this meal, make me feel like i'm one of the stupid rich ppl.....!!!!
and the horrible snowcrab...!!

pay so much, think we eat gold mer..??? besides, gold cant be eaten..!!!! right..??
thinking of what other better/meaningful/purposeful things the money can actually do, just make me wanna blast..

Then when calculating bill that time, ppl were seperated into two big groups, group of 4 on my right.. another group of 5 on my right...
both groups of ppl busy calculating...
calculating and commenting on the bill..
>.<''' i am the baby in the group, muahahahahaha.. so i took out the camera, and start taking pic of the two groups of big korkor and jiejie busy calculating.. so funny..!!!

but anyway, i am stil blasting..

seriously u know, the currypuff ppl have to sell many many many currypuff under the hot sun just to earn rm50..!
super hard to make somemore, have to fry and stand nearby the hot oily oil wok for hours.... make the dol is taxing, make the feelings is even more taxing.. wrap them up and stuff...!!
some ppl earn rm1000 just by sitting on chair.. while some earn rm50 after toiling for whole day...
what a world...!!!!!

i mean, i am not really against the way ppl earn money.. i am just against the way ppl SPEND money...!!!!!

OKIE, prol i am just being too emotional after being conned by the restaurant..

it's my 1st time spending like that on a meal, so i think.. it's alright.. somemore it's my beloved jiejie's bday le..!!!! Happy Birthday to _ _ _ _....!!!

p/s: Name of restaurant not published here for my safety, hahahaha..
Name of KorKors and JieJies not published for privacy reason...!! =P

Friday, July 4, 2008


pray for my mum yea, anyone who reads, plz.... thanks.

MUM i miss u....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hor Cheah Yen is feeling bit/quite emo today..

Just now when she looked back at CA blog, some other ppl's blogs and also old pictures.. She felt a lil regret for not fully participating in CA when she was in INTEC ... She had missed out alot wonderful times eating dinner with the gals, going for cellgroups every alternate Thursday and mingling around with the juniors...

This year, she has missed being 17,18,19 and 20 more times than ever, REALLY MISS THOSE DAYS.... That's because living this year seems harder than before.. But she doesnt wanna miss out being 21, fearing when she look back in the future, she will regret not living 21 to the max..

She misses some random peoples.. One who calls her Catherine... One who always talk on the phone with her.. One who takes care of her like a mum when they travel together.. One who chats with her every now and then.. One who partners her for all the crazy and bimbo stuff.. One who holds her hand while walking in INTEC..

Maybe cuz there's only Vivien and her in the house today, and Vivien's out whole day working in pizza shop while she at home.. She doesnt feel like going out or talking to anyone here, just wanna sit on her leather office chair and sulk a little..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

20th June 2008
Zion Centre
Fenny and me was incharge of doing announcement for this week's winter cell. So i was supposed to talk about Community Service, Passion Booth and also The Movie Night.
For the movie night, we'll all be watching The Dark Knight.
So, out of nowhere, i blurted out
"Alright, the movie that we'll be watching is The Dark Knight. Urrmm, I DONT KNOW what's the movie about, but it should be nice..... "..
Then, the whole room started to roar..
some went "oh my gosh".. some "whoooahh!!"...
most of them "hahahahaha" mercilessly...
Pokoknya, the room became so so Noisy ....!!!

1st July 2008
Carousel Cinema
Darrel, Derek, Dayong, Melvin, Jiahuei and me were in Carousel to watch Narnia.. Honestly i woulnt spend money to watch movie like this bcuz i prefer Horton Hears A Who, Kungfu Panda and Wall-E...
but Tripple D and Jia Huei they all have been pestering and teasing me like mad for not willing to watch Narnia, so eventually i gave in..
so yea, i agreed to watch Narnia with them..
When Dayong handed me the ticket, i read it and then said "Eh how come Prince Caspian??? i thought we're watching Narnia.." .....
i forgot who replied "huh, no one tell you we're watching prince caspian izit??"
Then Jia Huei (taking on the role of YeeFang to save me while YeeFang is away from Perth).. she turned my body around and pointed at the huge poster on top of the cinema counter..
i read "Narnia - Prince Caspian".....
the next thing i realize, everyone was Laughing so loudy!!!!
they went like "oh my gosh, u're so blur"... "super doink la u"...
"bla bla bla" which i forgot..
i was recovering from shock, u see...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i think i've heard of this song before, but i forgot when and where.. this is just amazing...!! u've gotta watch this.. btw, anyone who has the lyrics in ABC can pls giv me ? ^^

this song is definitely very lovely.. very sweet to the ears.. reminds me of the time when i was helping out in Sunday School and Siu Fang teacher was on the stage, teaching kids this new song.. just so lovely... love this song alot alot..!!

Yuwan first introduced this song to me. she sang the song to me and explained word by word what does the lyric means.. the lyrics is so touching... i love this song and hope whoever listens to it will like it as well .. i've previously watched the movie as well, without realizing the song came from that movie.. and i stil rmmber clearly that movie made me cry and i realize love is so so so pure and beautiful.. btw, the movie is based on true story- doctors who sacrificed their lives during SARS(or bird flue,cant rmmber), particularly bout a couple, both doctors.

haha, i rmmber i posted a post (duh??) on this song.. i love the rain and therefore i love rainbow.. i am sure there are a few posts (at least two) that i wrote about rainbow.. haha.. i love this song as well..! even though it's an old song, but it's stil topping my favourite worship song list ..

last but not least, this song. the twist in this song is the "gentle rap" included as part of this song, that's very captivating lor...!! ok,enjoy...!!! as much as i do, ok...!!