Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i surrender my external harddisc to Janica to be kept by her till after my final exam..



No more dramas til after exam!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I find this conversation super interesting!!!!! it's between me and my cell member!!!!!


cheah yen says:
see see, u oso can see

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
of course i can see.. i have eyes....

cheah yen says:
then see ady anot which guy in church suits me..???
but no la... set my heart liao dun wanna think liao, if stil think will be "fan"(troubling)!

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
u know.. i hav a perfect description for u...

cheah yen says:
oh say say

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
for u to find a bf is like playing a rubic's cube..

cheah yen says:
why le..?

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
for u to get a bf.. mean hav to get the rubic's cube rite..

cheah yen says:
means super hard..?????

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
and if we get one side correct ...
we turn to another side... then it's the wrong combination

cheah yen says:
oh means all side must be correct... ... ...
wah u super keng, man!!!!!!

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
so the chance of u having all the side similar colour is super hard..

cheah yen says:
@.@''' singlehood belongs to me liao lor like that!!!!!!
EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
but what i think u can do is.... ask God for help... and get a guy in near or distance future

cheah yen says:

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
the most u can find... ( most side colour similar
and then....
the rest of the puzzle... both u and ur partner can slowly fix..

cheah yen says:

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
to complete the rubic's cube..

cheah yen says:
u rlly super duper keng!!!!!!
what u said sounds great man!!!
and im gonna copy paste this whole thing to blog it!!!!

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
thank u thank u... ur welcome..
no no.. later i become famous

cheah yen says:

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
but seriously. dun put my name there hor..

cheah yen says:
i wont la, it'll just appear as "experience the name men gave to their mistakes says:"

EXPERIENCE: The name men gave to their mistakes. says:
not many ppl know my nick oso..


Monday, October 12, 2009

Randomly went to beach with Chris, Johnson, Evangeline, Jaclyn, Jia Huei, Stanley, and Leo on Sunday afternoon bout 4pm. It was very windy yesterday afternoon, but i was very excited and just glad at heart. (even though i cried like a crybaby during service few hours earlier).

The rest decided to "picnic" on such a beautiful beach (that's totally SALAH), lol.. while me, Chris, Evangeline and Johnson decided to soak in the water!!!

All four of us hold hand and ran straight to hit the water and stood there to be bashed by the coming big waves, it was Fantafabulous to be hit by the waves...!!!! =>
i mean, hold hands so that no one back out at last minute as the waves are coming =>
that applies to things in life as well, in cellgroup especially. Alright, i'm gonna share bout holding hands in cellgroup this friday..!!!!

Spend like 45mins in the water. waa waaa weeee...!!! After splashing water to Chris's back, we retreat to seaside, under the pine tree, on the grass and join the rest to play a card game, pretty interesting!!!!

Not long, Jaclyn spotted the sunrays through the clouds over the seas.

It was pleasant, too bad i din bring my camera. SO i got all this pics from Johnson hihihihiih.


Was just thinking.. Clouds aren't really good stuff, many times they are used as symbolism of something that is hindering people's life @ clouds over my life, it's dark, etc etc..

When we look at the sun on a clear sky, we see a very bright sun, all is well and good, clear and distinct..

When clouds come, what happened..?? it turns dark, we lost our stands and to some extend, our faith...
we fail to see the sunray, which is like extention of the sun, the "hands" of the sun...

Wait... Look at the pics...

the sun rays become even more evident through the gaps in between the clouds!

It is as if, the floor of heaven is opened and God's love, grace and mercy becomes more evident through the clouds in our lives.

God's power is manifested and people can testify through the clouds in our lives.

Lets not dwell in passiveness and discouragement, but look up and look to the sunray's in your lives, look for God's hand and him at work through the dark times in your lives. You will see, and you will see it even more clearly than before.

It is amazing. It is amazing. It is simply amazing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday i went to BBT (bubble tea) with Sherwin, Shemuel, Shawn and David.

We had a really great time the whole day. That made my day ^^

Sherwin(6yr old) is cheeky and naughty, dont like putting seatbelt, pulls my hair in the car, but after that, he holds my hand with his tiny hands till we reach Euthopia! => lovely toddler! Love to hug him and piggy back him, but his mom forbid him to bully me, so i never piggy back him since then. HUH, yesterday afternoon in my house we're playing UNO cards. The winner gets to kiss sherwin HAHAHAH. Shawn won, but he didn't do the forfeit. Nevertheless Sherwin wanted to kiss me @.@''' ......... David said to him "must ask permission before u kiss her"... which is.. reasonable... okie...

Shemuel(13yrs old, just entered teenage stage, haha).. He's the Happy Apple.. cuz he's a happy boy, doesn't hold grudges (unlike me when i was his age), he gives in to Sherwin in most circumstances and still loves Sherwin (unlike me as well when i was his age), he finds joy in small small things in life and laugh alot alot (unlike me when i was his age).. and Apple because he's the apple of God's eyes, of his parents' eye, and of my eyes of cuz! hihiihi.. a young boy with great heart, great attitude, responsible and trustworthy.. I pray that he'll grow up as a man of God, so full with God's love and compassion, God's values and characters, and bless people around him. He's awesome!! May God continue to expand his heart ^^
Seeing how Shemuel treated Sherwin make me feel shameful of the way i treated my bro when i was Shem's age. Only much later in life i came to learn of this lesson of love. Now i see the importance of bringing up kids with God's teaching and principles. Really admire the Poh's family and the three siblings!! such a 180degree different from mine.

Shawn (15yrs old).. Aah, i remember that age, still battling with peer pressure, and still struggling in my attitude towards family (not so much towards friends though, because at that age, friends rule bigger than family)... I think at Shawn's age and with more advanced society now, he's facing bigger challenges than me back then.. Shawn is doing good, he's a good boy, loves and obey parents, spend time with his siblings even though there might be age gap between them.. It wont be long before all these precious time pass, and he'll reflect back and be grateful that he did make the choice to spend time with family to build the love and trust, and deepen their relationship as family... it also wont be long when he will enter adulthood, but it's really important for him to hold true to his faith and Godly character now.. i have faith in him, he will be a great man in the future as well, a great servant in the house of God..

They bless me by the way they live together as one family. It's good to grow up like that in a family.. I might not have grown up as such, but i've learnt to love my family and because of them, i have testimonies of God in my life. Testimonies that i can share with my cellgroup all the time. Experiences and lessons that make me grow up and bring me to truly depend on God, because only God's power and love can enable me to live victoriously despite circumstances.

BACK TO SATURDAY LAH...!! hahahahahahaha.. so after bubble tea, sent them back home while i went over to Marcus's house to help him prepare his wedding cards, ooowwwh so sweet they both, hahahaha =>

by 7.30pm, i was back in Poh's house for homecook dinner!!!! teeheehee! had dinner with Uncle Patrick as well...!!!

After dinner, we played UNO again, this time we modify the rule and it became Heart Attack and Speed. Seriously simple games but we had such a tremendously great time cuz Shem kept on laughing non-stop, as if he had overdose of laughter gas prior to that. and Sherwin who wants to play in all games but lost in all games cuz he's slow and he's only 6yrs old ler, how to competer with a 13yr old, a 15yr old and a 22yr old..??? hahahahahaha, so funny to the max!!!!

by 10pm David came as well after his friend's bday dinner. Aunty Ammie applied some lotion to his palm cuz he burnt his palm at his fren's bday dinner while helping with taking out the roast dish from the oven.
He joined in the card games and we continued laughing, wakakakakaka!!! super funny!!!!

by 11pm, Aunty Ammie appeared in the living room, ushering the kids to bed. We bid farewell, and left. the kids kept on saying "come again tomorrow okie".. "see you tomorrow" "see you tomorrow" "see you tomorrow".. tsk tsk tsk, miss them so much now.

Aunty Ammie so sweet la, she returned me my baking tray, and put two long buns in them for me, and some Subway cookies for me and David =>... hihihi.

I reached home 11pm. That pretty much summarized my happy day =>