Monday, July 23, 2007

Intec Momeries

To recapitulate,

Amanda with the beautiful guys! hihihih, these guys are so creative, made their own vide clip of the Westlife song titled Mandy ( i supposed that's the title or something like that??) as present it as a gift to Amanda. We're all impressed by the video clip, though! funny yet meaningful..!!

Here is the longest table ever in MacD seksyen 18 Shah Alam, all for Mandy's b'day dinner on the 22nd Sept 2006. the left row runs from Eileen all the way back to SzeChing! the right row starts with Grace all the way to Ah Jia..!! with Doreen standing..! hiihii.. oh ya, we do have Uncle MacD in between Sze Ching and Ah Jia. wink!

Amanda, Yoke Heng and Yuwan taking a break, see the smile on their face, happy rite..???
yea, i reckon too =>....!!!

Emm, well, bit awkward for a pose, heheeehe.. this guy's name is Tharma. We're to pose for the Ausmat dinner poster. Date : 13th July 2006. Time: Lunch time

So, this is the best among so many awkward pictures taken => Ballerine sandal and skirt sponsored by myself, white shirt sponsored by Hsiu Li, haha. All of us had fun time though!

Owww.... sobz...!! was running in my Baju Kurung, excited after the last paper of Mid Year exam, and who knows... i stepped on my own baju kurung and felt hard on the rough tar road!! it was so painful... haahaha.. =.='''

On the 15th of Jun 2006, we celebrated the birthday of three girls, hiihii, so when Yee Hong said "cheah yen , look here" so i turned over and heeheheee.....

these are the three birthday gals, Yi Tyeng 17th June, Jaclyn 15th June, Cheah Yen 5th June. and by God's mighty plan, three of us are now housemates in Perth. hiihiiihihi...

See, the mass gathering of gals and some guys!

During the BTN camp, we're all wearing primary school uniform =>

At the old balcony during the lunch time, and when Jac took out her camera, oowh... pretending to be cute!
At the staircase: Nat, Me, Jac, YiJia, Merlin, BoonBoon.

In the classroom, where everyone is attentively listening to classes.... hahahahha...!!!

31st March 2006- 2nd April 2006, Kem Bina Insan. somewhere over the mountain. we're dipping our bare "kaki" in the cooling waterfall...!!! and we posed.. and for typical girls, all we knew was to do the sign of P-E-A-C-E.

Me on Yuwan's tummy, and Jia on my tummy, heheheee... and see, the typical peace sign.

Our humble little cottage in Block 1,Akasia. heheeehee.. amelene, Me, and shan...!!

Sakura Night, a night out for all the Intec gals =>Date 7th April 2006. It was supposed to be a catwalk but you cant expect much with the innocent and naive gals rite? => i personally enjoyed it, hahaaha...

Rubbish- empty polisterine lunch boxes, pilling up so high...!!! hiihihii, so that shows how hungry INtec ppl are...!!

Proudly present to u...!!! the Guard House in Intec House...!!! with the Pak Guards and Mak Cik Guards. well, i got saman several times... think that was because i put on weight and therefore the pants look tight on me.... hahahahahaaaaa....

CA oh so dear..

Woke up in the morning and was browsing through my picture albums when i came upon my CA pictures. Have always wanted to post CA pictures, there are heaps but here's only selected few. so "TA DAHHHH...!!!" hiiihiihiii...

~~ CA committee of 2006 ~~
From top left:
Nat (President), Cheah Yen (prayer minister) Jac (worship and games minister) Rog (transport minister)
From Bottom left:
Doreen ( Food and Ushering Minister) Mandy (First Lady) Yuwan (First Secretary) Josephine (Food and Ushering Minister)
~~~ wink wink wink wink ~~~

~~ CA comittee of 2007 ~~
Urmm.. President and First Lady are on the chairs, while the rest of respective ministers are either standing or squating, hihi.. applause applause applause...!!!!! they've bring a totally new, energetic and vibrant lift to the CA and yes, the people of God's kingdom is multiplying!

On random CA, we just love to take pictures and more pictures. Everyone is just so happy being one member of the family, being each others' support and of course, being asked to pose for a pic!! hiihiihii...

My beloved close frens cum sisters. Michelle, Doreen, Amanda, Josephine, Me , Jac, Yuwan and Adeline..!!!!!!! In the little cottage of Block 1, Akasia, where every one is in their most comfortable short pants and T-shirt! => Love ya all so so so much.!!

This picture is so soo soo meaningful..!!! Rating 10 out of 10, ok. It's the gathering of both 2006 and 2007 batches..!!! in Pastor David's house, hihiihiii... We had crazy fun time playng games using simple and funny objects, makan makan time ( oh yeah! Pastor Phoebe prepared for us Char Siu, everyone was craving for it, ok! yum yum..!!!!) so lover-ly.....

There you go, hiihiihii , a bevy of ladies ^.^ except Yuwan, the rest of the ladies were in their bare foots and toes, heeheehee...

Joash, Ian, KoKo Choon, Yuwan, Me, JacJac, Amanda, Erin

lovely bunch of junior gals..!!!!!
Standing from left to right - Allison, Eunice, Me, Yuwan, Sweet gal 1, sweet gal 2, Melanie
Bottom from left to right - sweet gal 3, Erin, Pat, Gloria, Eileen, Kathrine

Love u all so much so much..!! CA is so chun-ted with u all around, can???!!?!

I remember crying so badly for the first few days when i arrived in this place called Kolej Cemara Akasia in Shah Alam. Sitting on the floor beside my new-but-actually-old bed in 503,block5 Akasia, i cried and cried and wiped the tears with a small pink towel which my mum had insisted on me bringing it with me as i moved to my new school. Sadness was overwhelming. But little did i know, God has placed the wonderful treasure in Shah Alam just for me, that is of course CA!
When the time came for us to left Shah Alam, the one and only thing that i am reluctant to leave behind is the CA. CA has given me so so much, so much love and joy, friendship and trust, care and guidance.
They are my friends and my true friends. My pink family (Daniel, Jac and me). My beautiful sisters created with hearts after God's, wisdom like His and courage of the Lion of Judah, Faith of a mustard seed that moves God's hand (adeline, doreen, yuwan,josephine,jac,amanda,michelle), beloved transport minister (Roger bob) and Mr president (none other than Nat!!) . i'm proud to say i've found my close fren in CA. and i'm even more proud to say that i'm apart of this bunch of wonderful people.
Had so much laughters and tears-of-laughters during the games times, thanks to Jac and Nat and Eujeen and Ryan and the amazing participation of everyone!! u guys are crazy man..!!!
hahaha..!! worship and prayer => teaches me how to worship and pray in a new environment, when time is tight, when faith is scarce, when body is weak.
And makan-makan. Friendship was also built over the table. Wow, u will never know how food can bring people together and connect, then click!!
Sometimes, we gals talked(more of shouting) over the balcony (from balcony to balcony), passed the sugar or salt or egg over the balcony with broom stick, hehe, went to each other's apartment to cook and makan-makan, sleep over at the other's room, spent time sharing and talking in the small heaty living room, walked hand in hand (with gals only, ok) to meetings and makan-makan in seksyen 18, to Giant and to KFC all the way to MAcD, haha...!! cried and moaned and even complainted in each other's presence, being comforted and comforted each other with Words and smiles and ever-so-available-hugs...!!!
Now can you count how much has God added into my life through CA?
I couldn't count how much is that!
it is not the place, but the people and the things we did together that changes everything! swept over me with overflowing blessings i couldnt count..!
it is You and you that makes the difference!!
i love you all just way too much..!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

aT aNy CoSt...


I give up all my own plans and purposes,

all my own desires and hopes,

and accept Thy will for my life.

I give myself, my life, my all,

utterly to Thee to be Thine forever.

FIll me and seal me with Thy Holy Spirit.

Use me as Thou wilt,

send me where Thou wilt,

work out Thy whole will in my life

at any cost,

now and forever.
( Stam cited in At Any Cost, Quest For Love by Elisabeth Elliot, p.131 )

Wonder How..

I wonder how can i grew up in poor family yet smiling happily and thankfully, when someone else grew up in well off family yet crying day and night...

How can i have so many good friends who love me more than i love them, when someone else do not even have a friend to share the love...

How can i have an elder sister who sacrifices a lot for me, when someone else has to be sister who sacrifices more than ever for her siblings...

How can i be a vocalist in church with my shaky and out of pitch voice, when someone else who has voice of heavenly angel sings elsewhere...

How can get straight A1s in SPM, when someone else who has always have better result than me in secondary school time did not get straight A1s...

How can i apply for JPA scholarship, something totally stranger to me even after i have graduated from my 3months of deadly National Service Training, when someone else has planned on how to get JPA scholarship since his form3 ...

How can i get the JPA scholarship and cried and sobbed and wailed like it is the end of my life, when someone else cried and sobbed and wailed like it is the end of his life when he failed to secure the JPA scholarship...

How can i come to INTEC hating it very much and not knowing it is a place full with brains and excellency, when someone else has heard of INTEC long time ago and admired its humble existance...

How can i survive the 1.5 years in INTEC and finally get the pastport for flight to Perth, when someone else has better result than me yet was forced by circumstances to stay in IMU...

How can i arrived in Perth and live till today to get the results of my 1st sem exam and be glad with the outcome, when someone else put in more hope and yet has to take supplementary exam for the papers...

I waited 45minutes outside the laundry room this evening, sitting on the bench, looking upon the sky (oh yes, i do tend to look at the sky and marvel at the Master's fantastic artpiece, and dream and ponder).. i gazed at the sky and pondered.. began to ask myself How Come, How Come, How Come..

How come i got this far...

when after SPM all i thought was to burn my Biology textbook, to just find someone to marry and let life be...

I ponder on the question "How Come.."

Being a christian for about 7 years, I knew the answer would be "Jesus loves you" , "He has plans to prosper you", "because You fear God", "because you are the princess of the King" and the list goes on....

But.. could it be that.. the answer is too good for me to believe?

How am i supposed to believe it is Blessings from heavenly above..?

Am i at the stage where i feel the explaination for all the good things happening on me is just too big to behold..??

Could someone like me, who disappoints God, who breaks His heart, who turns my back against Him, be the recepient of all these good things..??

I want to know how come i come this far in my life.. it is so impossible....... they are just too overwhelming to be true...

I want to just believe, to just trust in all that He says.. that He has plans to prosper me, that He is the giver of all things, and that He gives joyfully to me...

Dear God, please forgive me for taking pride in my own comprehension that all this is too good for me, that i feel unworthy to receive all these. Forgive me for the doubts that all the good things are impossible, not trusting in You that You are the God of impossibilities. Forgive me for challenging the grace of God by rejecting the knowledge of all good things come for Heavenly Father. Lord God, teach me to once again believe in You and Your words. I want to be sure that You bless me. Lord God, i dont understand how come. yet You make me marvel at Your beauty of work in my life. Lord God teach me to once again believe in You. I want to believe in You. I choose to believe in You. So Father Lord, fill my mind with the mind of God, so that i wil be able me to comprehend Your wonderful hands at work in my life. Amen.