Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hidden treasure in Vickery

( thorn among the roses, on Luqman's birthday ^^,
with all the Vickery gals and Hsiu Li)
(during our first few days in perth, we explored the city together-gether ^^)

^^ I made the decision to continue staying in Vickery House for next year's study.

For the past few days, i have been in confused state- whether to move out with Janice, Jaclyn, and 3 other gals whom i am not very close with; or to continue staying in Vickery. Me and Jac went to have a look at the house, and it was in very good condition. It was very well furnished. The rooms are bigger and each has their own bar fridge, bigger wardrobe and cleaner bathroom. It was indeed very tempting for us to move out from Vickery. Besides, the house is located quite near to school, within walking distance, which is another bonus.

Jac and i consulted a few elder friends for advices and comments. Those advices were appreciated a lot. But the more advice we listen to, the more confused we got. There were so many different opinions which each of them has their own sense and weight. I got tired judging the opinions when it comes to deciding whether it is wise to move out. Besides, it was exam period and i couldnt be bothered anymore after few days of non-stop confusion.

Both options has their own pros and cons. Yesterday, when i decided to move out with Jac, i was feeling sad. Sad to leave vickery. Sad to leave the community life that i've got used to for the past 2.5years. sobz sobz. Yeefang came over and gave me hugs! she said she felt commited to take care of me emotionally, SWEET ok..!!! muachh...!!!

I feel sad that we would not be able to walk to each others' units at the odd hours of the day, for random purpose. Whenever i cooked new stuff, yeefang in all her might and courage, braved through the night to come to our house and tasted my food. i will miss that. Ah jia they all bought new shirts from Carousel and i went over to their place to see them posed in their new shirts while talking nonsense. i will miss that. Luqman felt pek chek and came to our house to have some silly chat while discussing studies. i will miss that too. Siaw tze, my big sister, always give me her hand to hold as i walked back from uni with her. i definitely miss tha too! Yijia, the one always cracking jokes whenever she came to our unit. i miss that. Ling weng and michelle came often, just dropping by with no purpose, saying a sweet hello and sometimes having girls talk in my room. oh, how i am going to miss that much. And hsiu li that never fail to join us for every midnight birthday celebration for all the Vickery girls and Luqman's birthday too!

on top of that, i am going to miss the Sunday morning walk to church with yeefang, ah jia, dayong, derek, jonjon and george! miss having visitors to unit 13- like Kimberly, Jimmy, Pauline and Kaiting jie. oh gosh, there are so many things i will miss =<...

yaya, i know, ppl say "life moves on".. we cant be stagnant, we gotta make new friends. but i realize next year, i am not ready yet to let go all of these. i am not ready to let go this bunch of great friends. of course, it's not like i am moving to another country and we're not going to see each other anymore. But moving to another house in another place is equivalent to saying goodbye to all the daily routines that we did together. i know i am not ready for a shift next year. Maybe only by the end of next year, we will move on. End of next year.

Finally, i decided to re-consider my decision. I changed my decision after another discussion with Jaclyn during dinner. yes, i changed my decision!!! and i couldnt be more glad after that!! ^^ sms-ed the gals and told them my new and final decision. Later, ah jia sms-ed saying "aaahh, love u!!! muaccks!!!" . well, i love u guys too, hihi...!!

after dinner i came into my room, i had no idea why i had the urge to take out the CA shirt from cupboard. the shirt has been there for quite some time, and i never take it out just to have a look. Tonight i did. And when i turned the shirt over, i saw one verse at the back of the shirt.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. Luke 12:34

smileeee ^^ now i know my treasure in perth. The bunch of names i mentioned above are my hidden treasure in Vickery, that makes me choose Vickery over the comfortable new house.

I treasure each and everyone of you....!!!! wink wink...!!!! ^^

p/s: There are many more ppl whom i treasure ok. Whole lot of u guys out there...!!! Just because ur name is not mentioned here, doesnt mean u are not treasured. To everyone that is reading this, i treasure u as well...!!! ^^ yes yes i do...!!! ^^

Monday, November 5, 2007

2nd Attack....

Huu huu huu...

Flu flu, go away,
come again another day,
little children wanna study,
Flu flu go away....

It's a modified children rhym ^^

Wasted lots of tissue... and body fluid as well...
Overdosed with glucose...

Nose, please stop running..

Throat, please stop aching...

^^ i shall be strong..

^^ i will not fall asleep...

^^ i will not go online for long...

^^ i shall pray harder , mmm...!!!!

IT'S STUDY BREAK, EXAM IS ON ITS WAY......... NO...!!!!!!!!!!!!

silence is golden, silence is silver...

* too much crap, just wanna destress.. relax.. chill... cool down...*

blah, back to digging my running nose in Max Page's lecture notes..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

2nd Semester Cellgroup.

Had our last cell group on 2nd Nov '07. I went to cellgroup not expecting anything yet it turned out to be a meaningful one. Seeing everyone brought their cameras showed me how much they treassure each and everyone, and that touched my heart. I love this cellgroup.

Yeefang, Dayong, Tim and me reached Thomas's house rather early. We saw Fenny, Anna and Rungano on the floor (funny ^^). They were sticking alphabets on the floor, for games later. Seeing them on the floor made me excited so i joined them in action just to take picture, lol..! hahaha..

Mmmm, it's stil bright out there, we went out to have an evening walk. It was cooling, windy, soothing and the sky was marvellously coloured, as it the sky is preparing our hearts for the last cellgroup of the year. Oh how i just enjoyed such evening, one of many gifts the nature can offer to us. Of course, we didnt let go any opportunity to take picture. Rungano and Dayong and me, took one. ^^ Not long later, Thomas arrived with Sara, WIlson and Elise. Reluctantly, i was ushered into the house. Cellgroup was starting soon...!!

While waiting for the rest to greet each other, Fenny had a play with the guitar. Didnt know she can play, Salute...!!! All took their places on the floor and shared how their week have been. It's one of the things to do before starting games, so that everyone get to tell the highlights of their week. Some of sharings had been funny, some encouraging and sometimes it was rather solemn one. Yet, by sharing, everyone was opening up to each other, allowing each other to laugh together or to weep together. That is the golden line being in a relationship-friendship. This is what God seeks in relationship that He has put among us, to care for, to encourage and to build up.
Ok, it was games time then. Rungano led us into games. Everyone hold hands to form a line. Then they will have to begin a journey from A and finish it all the way to alphabet Z without letting go each others hand. I got to be the first one ^^. It was rather easy at first, by it soon got more and more complex as the alphabets weren't placed in order. We ended up strangling each other at the necks, waists, legs and heads , hahahahaha.. Our flexibity of muscles and bones was tested to the maximum. Older people found it bit challenging, while younger people like me =P found it not bad, lol.. hahahah...!!!
And... we took pctures again, hihihihi...!! We're basically messed up in a bunch. I personally think it was a really meaningful game. This game taught me to reflect on human's relationship, how intricate and complicated it can be sometimes. But we did never let go hands, we hold on to each other and finished the journey well. We could have let go hands and find it easier to finish the journey alone, plainly and quietly, by we would have missed all the fun, laughters, joy and blessings that we can gain as a group, as a family in Christ. As said by Joshua Haris in his book, every relationship is an opportunity given by God to potray of His goodness and love. Human will never be perfect enough to reflect God's godliness, but we have been given assurance that God is the faundation of all relationship on earth the moment He created Eve for Adam. I appreciate each one in the cell, and i believe what we have sowed over every Friday nights for the past 4 months, is the priceless friendship built on His solid faundation, laid in the eternity of heaven. Thanks Rungano ^^ for such a wonderful game.

Elise-Me-Rungano. hihihi. And Fenny and me after finishing the game ^^. What follow next was cell evaluation. Fenny and Rungano gave words of encouragements to each and everyone of us, which made us (or at least me) felt touched. ^^ The details of the evaluation shall remain among the members of the cell, and will not be published without the consent of everyone. Hihihihihi =P. I love everyone...!!!! I really do, i really do, i really do...!!! ^^
So, it's food's time, "makan" time. Derrel's favourite time, lol...!! That night, everyone brought their best dish...!! Thomas : take away Pizza (yeah, that's his best dish hey! ), Derrel ( urmm... forgot =< ) , Yeefang : fry vegetable + carrot + mushroom + osyter sauce = yummy..!!, Sara : fried mihun and fried mee ^^, Rungano : Dessert , Anna : salted chicken delicious! , Dayong : signature Tiramisu..!!, Tim : prawn crackers!!!!!, me : tomyam mihun. hahaha.. and of course our favourite spring rolls by Elise and Wilson...!!! everyone ate till they were bloated.. aaah~~~~ hahahah.. It was the time that we got to bless each other with food aye..!!

Took some pictures along the way, hehehehehe...!! lovely people all.... ^^ muach...!!!

While washing plates we still took pictures, =P....!! heheehehe...!!! see how girls have friendship bond during those lovely kitchen time ^^.. Before everyone depart, girls hugged all the girls and took more and more pictures. There were no tears. ^^
Members of Fenny's cell consists of Fenny as cell leader, Rungano as cell helper, and members like Thomas, Derrel, Dayong, Tim, Wilson, Sara, Anna, Yeefang, Elise and last but not least, me...! Did i miss out anyone..? no ^^ oh and our Zone Supervisor who visits us every fortnight, Lynn Tan.
I thank God for putting all of you in this cell, or rather, putting me in this cell overflowing with wonderful people..!! Your crazy-ness never fail to make me laugh like mad. There were few times that i laughed till my stomach cramp and tears rolled down my cheeks.. Thanks for being willing to share, your sharings gave me encouragements and shows me how great God we all shared ^^. Thanks to Fenny and Rungano, for the wonderful Words given out to us, you guys brought me through the 10 commandments, given me new and deeper perspective and understandings which i couldnt have gained it by myself. I am blessed again and again by all of you..!!! muahhh muahhh muahh...!!
Everything that is good has to come to an end. And here, our wonderful 2nd semester cell group has ended. As i said, no tears during goodbye. We ended it with smiles. Because we know all that was built upon Him, in Him and by Him will last forever. Thanks for being apart of my life.
God bless everyone, and we shall bring forth all these good time as blessings.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Three Songs

~~*~~ Jadikan Aku Indah (by GMB) ~~*~~
Kudatang Ya Bapa,
Dalam Kerinduan,
Memandang Keindahan Mu.
Ku berikan s'galanya,
Semuanya yang ada,
Ku ingin menyenangkan hati Mu O Tuhan.
Jadikan aku indah,
Yang Kau pandang mulia,
Seturut karya Mu di dalam hidupku.
Ajarku berharap,
hanya kepada Mu,
Taat and setia kepada Mu Tuhan.
~~*~~ Divine Exchange ( by ALM ) ~~*~~
My heart is captivted Lord by You alone,
Captured by the awesomeness of You alone,
Melted by the grace and mercy You have shown,
I stand in wonder.
I reach to You the One who makes the blind eyes see,
Who break the chain of sickness with authority,
Restroring what was broken,
So it may fly again.
I live to worship You,
I breath to worship You,
All of my days,
Your face i will see.
For as I worship You,
You lead me to that place,
to that place of divine exchange...
~*~ How Can I Not Praise You (by ALM) ~*~
How can I not praise You,
When I consider all You've done,
God of creation, all sufficient One.
How can I not worship,
When i consider who You are,
You are my answer, the One who has my heart.
How can I not love You,
Your love reach deep down to me,
Love so amazing, what a mystery.
How can I not give my all,
When You gave heaven's best to me,
Jesus my treasure, for all eternity.
Hallelujah, praise the Lord, O my soul
Hallelujah, it is You I adore
hallelujah 3x
Hallelujah, I am saved I am saved
Hallelujah, we will praise Your name
halleluljah 3x

For the past 4 days, these few songs have been running through my Window Media Player countless of times... soaking in His presence.. overwhelming..

Sun rises

The night before, i went to bed at 9.30pm. By 1am, i was awaken by my thirst. After drinking water, i couldnt sleep no more. I spent two hours lying on the bed with my eyes shut, trying to sleep but my mind just couldnt rest. I wanted to sleep because i have test later in the morning at 9am. I need to sleep. But i couldnt sleep.

I gave up trying to sleep. I got off from bed at 3am and fry myself an egg to go with bread and cheese. I sms-ed yuwan. It's 5am in Melbourne and i know she would have been awake at this hour of the day. True enough, she was awake ^^ my dear friend. She couldnt sleep either. I mms-ed her my pic (as u can see above).

Yuwan replied, saying i looked different. She said i need to smile. That sent me into thinking mode again. Where have my smiles been..? did i left in on the bed..? probably.. because at this hour, most people would still be sleeping while i was already awake two hours ago. I remember how i smiled when i was in Intec Shah Alam.

She asked me what i was doing. I took a glance through my room's window. All i could see was darkness. It was still dark outside. I want to see sunrise.

Later, i went out of my house and had a look around. The sky turned blue and there's the half-full moon. It was quiet and chilly.

* These few days i have been waking up early. Constantly trying to peep the sun through my room window to see if it is sunrise time. But then i realized the sun couldnt be seen, as it rises from the back of my house. Yet i know it is sunrise, through the signs of the long shadow of the dawn and the orange-filled sky overtaking the darkness of the night. Birds started to chirp, breaking the silence. By all these signs, i know it is sunrise,it is the start of a brand new day.

In the same way, we have been constantly searching for God Himself in our lives. But when we try too hard to find Him and He Himself seems invisible, it is up to us to take it on faith, and to see the "signs" of God's works in our lives. Or sometimes we just enjoy seeing the "signs of dawn" without realizing it is God who is the Author of Dawn. This morning is still the sign of dawn, a new day, a new start which God is revealing to us. He has mystery deeper than our understanding. *

Blessed morning, every one.

After writing down my reflection, i went to the lawn and observed the sunrise from the other side of the house. It was captivating. The sun beam was direct, hitting straight into my eyes that my eyes couldn't help look at it without blinking non-stop.

Yet it was beautiful. When God appears, His beams of glory will be many times brighter than the beams of sun. At that time, no one will be able to withstand His glory, all that breath will fall in wonders and adoration to You alone.

Captured by the sight of Your wonders...

After enjoying the view of sunrise, i walked around Vickery House. The roses that blossom few weeks ago, was still looking good with some sprinkle of morning dew on them.

It was a beautiful morning walk with God. Seeing His majestic creations lie in front of me, tells me i have a great God. One who will never surpass me.
I yearn to have more morning quiet walk with God, only me and God. When there is no one that i can turn to for comfort, only He and He alone comes to me and put peace in my heart.
I am filled with bliss for long. My soul is satisfied and i want for nothing else other than dwelling in Your presence. My true and Only satisfaction.