Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's 10pm on Saturday night.

For the past two hours i've been trying to change my blog template @ blogskin, but to no avail..

then it rains...

everytime it rains, i will go emo-ing, haha..

feels warm.. and the sound of the pouring rain is very merry..

rain rain, come often, because i like rain..

what is the best thing to do when it rains..?

i like to talk when it rains, like to sleep sometimes.. trying to read books when it rains.. and do not plan to go out when it rains..

it's quite amazing that vapours can condensed to form huge clouds of water... then at the right time, falls to the earth in the form of droplets..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The other day when i was at the front door getting ready to go out, i look for my shoes from the shoe racks.... Wierd enough, that day, the sight of some of the shoes strucked me.. i mean, the shoes and heels that have been always there all the while, but that particular day, i realize.. some of the heels (that belongs to my housemates) was something i would call as "mature-people's-shoes"... and than i started thinking again...

I turn 21 few weeks ago.. TWENTY-ONE... not nineteen, not twenty... but TWENTY ONE... it's quite a big thing, if u get what i mean.. when Jessica said i'm eligible to vote or to go to Genting casino, i was laughin away.. but then what she said was quite true.. realistically there are things that i am eligible to do.. and eligible to WEAR..

there are so so so many YOUNGER GALS around here that dress MUCH OLDER than me (and my Intec pharmacy gals)... if u didnt ask them, you wouldnt guess that they are actually only 18 years old, when they look like 23 years old........................................

mmm... but i am TWENTY ONE already... i am stepping into adulthood.. how do i feel different from being 19 and 20...? not much difference really.. i still loves my family, treasure my friends, i am still studying.. what makes 21 so different from 19 or 20...?

i remember last year, i sms-ed a friend of mine, saying being a year older... means having more responsibilities, more able to make decisions and comprehend and discern.. more able to care for others and less for self.. more able to fathom the pains and hurts.. more able to be grateful for joy and laughters, really.. more difficulties and challenges to come.. more things to do and dreams to fulfill.. more of everything..

life doesnt just turn beautiful suddenly, when we turn 21.. life is pretty much the same.. but if i am still at where i was two or three years ago- dreaming bout true love, acting childishly, couldnt care less about other people, and afraid to shoulder responsibilities.. then i am really still 19years old..

i can get quite emotional thinking of my life.. there are so so so many things that happen in a year, what more twenty one years of life.......!!!! if i am to type, i will be very confused, dunno where to start, what to emphasize on, and where to stop.. things that happen in our lives are inter-connected, dont u think so..??? no event stands on its on.. one leads to another and one affects the other... my gosh... i am confusing myself now.. stop...

what's next..??

do what i should do for today, in the mean time, work to achieve my resolution for this year and look out for more oppurtunities to serve God ^^..

my life have been very ugly... and very beautiful too.... it is not a one-day-thing.. but it took 21years to draw out a life like mine...

beautiful life...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Alright, this pictures was taken during the middle of March. It was our cellgroup's first even outing for the semester ^^. I mean Fenny's cell..!!! she's the best..!! anyway, location was in King's Park. it was the beginning of autumn and the temperature was just right for picnic... the park was almost flooded with people.

introducing to you, Fenny Soo!!! our cellgroup leader. She is really the best! she sees things very maturely and have deep compassion for people, deep calling for mission, deep commitment for cellgroup and deep deep love for God. to other people, she might appear strict and no fun, but to me, this is what that gets people to grow and really learn things. one good example is me, haha ^^.. and u know what, she has huge smile!!! can see it from the pic, haha.. she's genuine with people and always seek to please God and not to dishearten the Holy Spirit. although she doesnt really cook, haha, but that's totally fine!! and she eats lots of fruits! jogs a lot as well, pray everyday! she loves swimming. she doesnt eat cheese. she has well-toned muscle. she dances hiphop and tambourine. she learns piano till grade 6! she is really cool...!!! love her lots ^^

my all time sweetheart, hahaha.. YeeFang LING, who has been with me for whole 3semester of cell. hmmm guess this time they'll finally seperate us, because yeefang has grown so much, ready to be on her own and take care of other people ady. although she always claim to protect me, but most of the time i ended up in situation worse for "shooting" from the Tripple D and Melvin. but other than that, she is always willing to teman me do things, talks Sitiawan stuff with me, eat like giant with me, walks with me to church, and listens to me jiwang-ing. haha..

Yeefang, Thomas, me
three of us arrive early for the picnic. so yea, the pic explains what we did while waiting. hahahaha...

George, YeeFang, me
george u're gonna leave us to Melb for good, wish u all the best. U're a great bro in Christ. funny, blur, fun to play with, very generous, and very willing to serve. will always remember your Coles Chicken. Continue to serve over there ok and keep in touch!! ^^ Will arrange transport for u to airport on the 15th, dun worry, leave it to me ok!!

Grace, Gillian (Nana), Fenny...
Grace is a mature young lady, very gentle and yet very outspoken and fun. ^^

Gillian aka Nana, is grandma of the house, hahahahha... funny and fun gal as well.. oh ya, 3 of us played netball on that day! my gosh my first time ever playing netball in Perth, other than Msia...!!!! hiiihiii..

then there's Fenny.. ^^

top : William
bottom from left : Tim and George
William in red leaning against the tree, ls big built, looks very cool with his glasses, may be as serious as a big brother, but most of the time is a easy going person with great sense of humour! u dont know how much tears of laughter has he brought to our cell, hhahahaahha.. oh and he play Paper-Scissor-Stone with me ALOT...!! i taught him that game, kihkihkihkihkih...!!!

Tim, half hidden behind George. Tim is a really good person, he is in charge of food for cell this sem! always very consistent in urging ppl to bring food to cell, makes very good sushi and noodle soup, always making sure there's food for cell and that we never go back with empty stomach..!!!! u're the best, Tim..!! good job good job!!

Thomas and Brenton
Thomas is intruder, haahah, he's from other cell. but he willingly joined us that saturday morning cuz we need him and his car to TRANSPORT some of us there, heeheehee.. very kind guy, hahaha..
Brenton, who remembers me as the gal that listen to Hillsongs Kid Worship.. what's wrong with that, i dunno , but he definitely finds it funny. bler.. hahahaha...!! plays Hie-Five with me.. heehee..

our CellGroup...!!! Derek MISSING.. (cuz he had uni group discussion that day) .. couldnt join us, missed al the fun wei.. haha..
and Me missing..!! why? cuz i was the camera gal... >.<''' hahahahah..

Fenny why climb so high..??
actually we wanted to climb the spider web at the other side of park.. in the end didnt, cuz no one else wants to go and there were like all KIDS only, climbing in the spider web.. but actually our body size doesnt differs much from that of the kids there.. heeeheehee..

William, Tash, Thomas, George, me, Yeefang, Brenton, Sara, Tim, Gillian

Yeefang, Grace, me, Gillian.. ^^

Tash, Gillian, Grace
Tash, very cool gal who knows all the songs, laugh and makes people around laugh with her, very afraid of the cold, and definitely one who has charisma in the cell...!!!

mmmm, we all had fun, although we failed to find the "Invisible Bridge".. try again next time ok.. hahahaha.. sempat take pic in the playground with the colourful papan somemore, heehee..

~~~ THE END ~~~


These few days i've been thinking about this one issue. Rmmber in my previous post i talk bout rainbow and then comfort zone? It is about the comfort zone...

before i begin,

One thing about writing is that, sometimes we cannot just write and comment about stuff. Cuz i dun wanna be like a HYPOCRITE.. or even just a TALKER.. sometimes, to say something we ourselves gotta do it first... if blog is all about talking and talking and CRAPPING, i better just shut up.. u know when u read blogs that comment too much but do nothing, then what's the point.. sometimes i do feel the pressure of writing something, because i myself am not living up to what i say..

even at this moment, i am writing this not because i am very good in this area.. i guess it's something that God has bring to light in me, to remind me, rebuke me and re-mould me from the inside out once again..

ever ask God why this and why that..?? one of the Whys is "Why God, everyone else is talking about how good You are and what lessons they've learn and what great experience they have with You, why God then You do not do it upon me? why did i feel nothing from You?"...

You know, many of the times, it is we ourselves that CHOOSE not to receive from God, by STAYING IN OUR COMFORT ZONE.. we choose not to serve because we just wanna spend more time to study, or spend more time to relax.. we choose not to take up responsibilities because its just too troublesome, life can be much easier without those responsibilities.. we CHOOSE..rmmber any times of life when we chosed to be comfortable..???

BUT many of the times, God blessings do not just come to you when you're sitting there comfortably sipping your coffee, or watching your favourite tv drama.. God does not do thing so monotonously.. It is only until WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, and you CHOOSE to be exposed to challenges and hardships, then only God's blessings come pouring in... it is when you choose to join ministry in church, to serve, to spend time for His works, to really go into the church community and society that you're in now and do something, then only you get to see God's hand moving in your life, dont you think so..??

when you ask God why there's no blessing from God when u're idling around spiritually and physically, isn't it just the same as asking gift from God but too lazy to stretch out your hands to receive it from Him..???
then how is God going to give you His blessings and lessons...???

many of the time, we just cant be bothered to do uncomfortable things, even myself.. we just cant be bothered to walk across the room to talk to new friends because we wanna be comfortable talking to our own clique in the cellgroup.. we cant be bothered to join that ministry because then we'll have to do a lot of works and stuff, it is more comfortable to spend time hanging out with friends.. we just cant be bothered to teach the kids in church during the semester break, becuz it is more comfortable to rest and have fun...we cant be bothered reading christian books, becuz it is more comfortable going for movie with friends.. we just cant be bothered because we LOVE OUR COMFORT ZONE just too much..!

but again, it is really our LOVE FOR COMFORT ZONE that is stunting the growth, and stopping God from empowering our lives..

now imagine yourselves in Noah's time (Genesis 6 & 7)... Noah, in his old age, could have chosed to be comfortable and sit back.. but did he..?? NO, rather, he choosed to be UNCOMFORTABLE!!!.. he was 600 years old , yet he built the ark under the hot sun by daytime and the coldwind by nighttime.. i imagine that the community there was just living everyday as it is, minding their own business, at the same time laughing at Noah being uncomfortable and silly of building the Ark (as if Noah finds it very comfortable to be laughed at or critisized by the crowds).. YET the story took a twist and the floodwater did came...!! i am pretty sure you guys know the rest of Noah's story...

my whole point is, GET UNCOMFORTABLE.. you would have think that you're waiting upon God to open doors for you and then pour down blessings upon you just like the ideal storyline, BUT THE FACT is that (which many of us fail to realize) IT IS GOD WHO IS WAITING FOR US TO BE READY TO RECEIVE HIS BLESSINGS..
and we wont be ready by just SITTING AND IDLING around.. GET UP AND GET OUT of our comfortable zone!! do something...!!! even reading counts! read christian books and let God's words transform your mind..

i just couldnt stress enough about getting out of comfortable zone... God just enlightened me and at the same time rebuking me with my plans for this winter holiday.. i need to be intentional and uncomfortable.. then only i can receive more from God and grow..

because the day i stop growing, is the day i start dying.. spiritually.. also, what a SHALLOW LIFE i'm living if it's all about enjoying and being comfortable...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There's a Double-Rainbow there, can anyone see it in this pic..???? was walking back from lecture one fine day when it suddenly rain and i took shelter at the nearest busstop, which is only 100m away from my house.. mmm...

that was also like 2months ago punya event.. hahaha

mmmm, but feel like posting it.

U know, how sometimes when it rains, we just wanna run and run and run as fast as we can to reach home and then stay inside our house till the next day..?? even though we'll get wet from running under the rain, we will still run because the house provides shelther and warmth..?

what if God intended to show us rainbow after the rain, but we ran too fast into our house that we missed what God wants us to see..?

haha, random... but sometimes, do not be in a rush to run back to our comfort zone, stay a little while longer even though it's cold and uncomfortable... just take a break, find a shelther outside, and wait upon the rain. wait for the rain to be over, then ponder and look up to Him- to the sky where u will see rainbow and God for sure will give u something new unexpectedly.. be blessed... ^^

P/s: YeeFang will surely say i am jiwang-ing again when she read this post. YeeFang LING, i am NOT...!!! >_____________<''' hahahhahhah

My holiday officially started yesterday, it was the last day of our exams. Yea, of course I am glad…! ^^

The night right after exam, a few friends and me went out for Gelare night, at the same time celebrating YiJia’s 21st birthday. Ok ok photos will be uploaded soon k…!! I know I always say that, haha.. patience.. it’s not easy to gather all the pictures..

So anyway, I’ve already listed out a number of things that I wanna accomplish I this one month.

to ____ _____
(I’m sorry hey, I really cant tell u guys bout it ^^ it has always been my childhood dream, whether or not I make it, we’ll evaluate at the end of this year and hopefully by that time I can thankfully announce this good news to all of u la ya! AND PLEASE NO IT’S NOT ABOUT BGR…!!!)

to write letter to my dear Luis…!!
cuz he has wrote to me again ^^.. He says "goodbye with a hug" so sweet ^^..
And also write letters to some other friends..

to KNIT...!!!
finally my sis sent over my little knitting kit.. this was something i did like 3.5yrs ago.. it was left undone cuz no one in town(the one that i know of) knows how to knit the nexk part of the sweater...
after such a long period, finally i am excited to revive the Knitting Semangat in me again... haha.. mmm anyone knows any good websites that teach knitting to beginners..?? or anywhere in Perth that offers help..????????? i wanna finish my knitting, oh well it is part of my housewife dream as well..

to read books!!!
oh ya, to date, plus the two books that I received for my bday presents, I’ve a total of 6 books UNREAD... I am serious bout reading them!! ^^ I am not kidding =P

to spend time with Tracey...!!!!

havent been catchinh up with her for so LOOOOONG time...!!!!

to make some study planning
based on my performance this sem, I seriously think I need better study plan next sem or elsei’ll be crying again when the exam comes.. huuhuuhuu…

to get some birthday dates of my frens =P
I am forgetful YESH I am…..

to look for white spotlight for my room.
i dun like the orange light in here.. it’s dim and I gotta strain my eyes if I study on my bed without the super bright table lamp. I don’t know why some other people says it’s better with orange light, but not for me, cuz I can FEEL that I’m straining my eyes, and it’s not comfortable.
ppl say Bunnings have it, will drop by next week >____<

to make calender (which i did finish just yesterday night) ^^
the thing with Guild calender that i have here is that there is no space for me to write stuff there. nah, but the one i just did yesterday nite (as u can see), has HUGE LOTS of space for me to write down important meetings, events, reminders and even draw and conteng...!!! hahahah.. guess i wont forget so many things anymore after having this home-made calender.. kihkihkihkihkih..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Dinner

Okie.. this pictures are really really old....!! like 3months ago..???
hahaha, it was the family dinner.
VIP - Janica, Jaclyn, Evan and me
2degree VIP - Darrel, Dayong Derek Melvin

while the guys are washing car outside, something is going on inside the house...

Ladies in action for the dinner....!!!

mm... can see that we're all working hard for the dinner.. can see, right..!!!

tripple D in the kitchen - derek darrel dayong.

all food...!!!! yum..!

looks like a cow's poo.. a white one.. lol..

See what we'reprepared, hahaha..

Before we eat.

Chinese cheers!

everyone was just too full -----> that explains why we've all fainted except for Melvin.

Super big boss, happily drinking water while the rest...

............................... busy cleaning the place.. haha ^^
~~~~ THE END ~~~~

when is the next dinner..???