Friday, January 23, 2009

Faith is the substance of things hoped for;
the evidence of things not seen.
p/s: got this from an email. amazed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the 01-01-09, i did something different...

despite hatred of getting darker in summer, i decided to go to Rottnest Island.. main reasons being because Fenny is going (hence i love going just because she is going), and i wanna do something different (that is, exposing myself to the sun)... mind you, 01-01-09 was the hottest day in summer with temperature reaching a freaking 40degrees okie....!!!!!

we gathered at Fremantle Port... Genesis came to pick me and several others, and we headed to the port.. it was EEEEEEAAArly in the morning, 7am...

after collecting our tickets at the port, we boarded a very super cosy nice ferry for a pleasurable 30mins journey to the island....!! i missed my breakie but kind Charlyn gave me a tlc cupcake (tender loving care cupcake)... hahahahaha... and oh, i'm the youngest gal in the trip oh! ^^ feel like a kid following a group of older people.. hahahahahaha...

that's me, julia and fenny... arrived at Rottnest Island already.. waiting for the rest to gather and had a short briefing before departing..

top left is the ferry.. all the people in the pic were those that were there in our group.. we're collecting our rented bicycles... cycling in Aus is bit funny, they require us to put on the safety cap/hat..?? topi keselamatan, kekekekek... everyone looked as if they have bigger brains.. hahahah ^^ funny funny...!!!! there you go... me and julia and our "big brains" hahahahahahahah.....!!!

kong in the pic with his super excited smile...!!!!

me, fenny and Julia started our journey.. wah, hasnt been cycling for ages...!!! i rmmber once upon a time, when i cycled super alot to church in the morning to meet up with Hui Nee and study in the church library before cycling back in the noon and get ready for afternoon school... heeheee... that was 8yrs ago.. but anyways, cycling in Rottnest island is the ultimate fun.. hahahah..

cycling up hill was tiring tiring tiring... although everyone's bike come with gear adjustment, it seemed like i'm the only one who find it hard to adjust the gear, partially cuz i dunno what how when to make gear adjustment, other being the bicycle itself bit crazy.. every cycle that i pedal, the bike went "klak klak klak klak" several times.. [tia liao pun eh kia >.<''']
but going downhill was so so so so super the max SYIOK....!!! cuz i dun need to cycle at all, and the speed was superb, cutting across the air with speed was so excited, strong wind hit my face! with breathtaking views of the island and beaches on my left, while magnificant piece of bushes and lowland plants, and several small lakes on my right hand side...!!!!!!!!! too bad can take pic at that moment.. hahahahah..
there's a tiny ship wreck at coastline, so fenny and julia decided to snorkel around that area.. me tagged along even though i dun really know how to swim...!!! i mean, if u put me in swimming pool, i can stil manage to swim a few metres.. but put me in sea with waves and sands few metres below my feet, tell u, i can freak out!!!! tengelam...!!!! but i went down anyways, cuz fenny said stick to her, she'll take care of me... so lovely...!!!!!
you know how some people, when they say something, u can just believe without hesitation.. one of them have to be fenny.. even though she's a lady, and i dunno how to swim, and several times when she resqued me, i almost pull her down with me.. yet i can stil go down to the water without fear or doubt... because i know fenny will do all she can to save me, i just know she will... trust upon her is built over time, tested through difficulties, proven through actions.. fenny i love u!!!!

this pic was taken by Charlyn ^^... sun was glaring that day, but i din really feel the heat.. cuz i was soaking in the cool water most of the time.. heeheehee..
there's celine, fenny, julia and me....!! so nice right the beach behind.. ^^ and cycling to the destination itself makes the beach even more satisfying ^^

from left to right, Tim Chan, David Ho, Gregory, Danny Chan, Dayong Lee, Charlyn Tan ^^

see the rocks on which they are standing on.. nice right..???? and the top left is the sort of bushes that i mentioned earlier, of cuz more beautiful ones were not taken la... hahaha...

that's the tower ^^...

so cute right this animal....!!! i forgot its name la.. but it has a long tail like a mouse... size of a football... heeheeheeeheee.. cute as a rabbit.... hands tiny as kangaroo's hand... hahahahahaha... su cute.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love....!!!

this is Siao Qiang...
This is Ah Lian....
see how Siao Qiang and Ah Lian is so so so curious bout Kong's sunnies.... heheheeheee...!!!

Julia is so cute cycling...!!! hahahahhah ^^

and that black net on Tim's face is used to prevent flies from entering human nostril or mouth... even ear holes... hahahaha... very useful i tell u...!!! flies was so abundant at about between 10am til 12pm... super banyak i tell u, even Dayong accidently eaten one while he was talking and cycling... eventually Dayong managed to cough it out... but eeeww, so disgusting, hahahahaah...!

this is the beach where we spent hours snorkeling.. it's called Salmon Bay... also, it was then i found out the theory of Snorkeling and Dating........ super related, i feel... hahaha... super make sense...
and YAY!!!! i finally swam with the fishes....!!!!!!!!!!! the fishes so huge....!!!! and the water was so clear... and the waves wasnt huge that time...!! and there were even more people around me to catch me when i freaked out and drown.....
super super alot of THANKS to Dayong Lee and Kong... they were the two great friends that stayed around me, to make sure i didnt drown myself... of well, easy to identify, when u suddenly see me flip-flapping like a dog in a pool, then u'll know i accidentally drank salt water, couldnt breathe through my snorkel tube, realized i couldnt touch the sand, lost my floating ability on water.................. because i know they are beside me, i snorkel and go after the fishes happily....! i enjoyed snorkelling because of them....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
tired and exhausted from whole day of cycling and cyling, and swimming and snorkelling...
we retired to the small town near the port where we first arrived... me rehat-rehat at the Coffee Bean cafe... it was nice chilling afternoon... then we all headed to the port with our bikes.. took a group photo... and returned the bikes to the ferry company..... ^^
i love 01-01-09... for the very first time, i welcomed New Year in a very unusual way, together with all these wonderful church friends... this year is gonna be unusual as well..
thanks Fenny, for inviting me to join u for the Rottnest Island trip ^^

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

slow down for myself..

Jaclyn, yeefang, jiahuei, yanhua and dayong flew back msia today...

i feel tired, physically...

summer holiday is hectic... as much as i want to make full use of the time i have, i feel my body is growing weaker and weaker...

i want all the songs in the album Precious Corner by Za Mei Zhi Quan....

i miss my home....

i miss mum, dad, bro, sis, sophia, linfoong, hannah, kel, nic, tommy, zhiwei, steven, amy..

working in pharmacy is very exciting, i learn many new things bout medicines and managements.. bout being efficient, accurate, alert, on the ball, sharp, critical, particular, stern.. figured out i am absent minded, forgetful, careless... but i enjoyed working there, though sometimes pharmacists will give u macam-macam nasihat which sometimes sounds more like tegur-ing you..

summer cell is bonding very well, everyone and everyone is so closely knitted by now.. doing study on the book of 1 peter.. which was indeed awesome, about instructions and guidance on how to live as scattered christians in the world..

but yet, time seems insufficient.. there are many things that i didnt get to do... i stil havent finish reading the book that i want to, playing _ _ _ _ _ as often as i dream of, blogging daily thoughts and ponders as new year comes, writing letters to people i love... and many others..

i want time to slow down.. i want my body to grow stronger, hence able to endure more... i want more time.. i want to slow down.. i shall decide to slow down...

chinese new year is coming, i wanna slow down.......

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Below are my current favourites.. love them so much.. ^^

Friday, January 9, 2009

My first New Year Eve away from home...

was chatting with Kelvin, and when he mentioned it's his first time being away from Chin Hock church for chritmas made me also realize...

it is gonna be my first time away from home and away from Chin Hock Meth Church for Christmas and New Year too..

nevertheless, i've learnt that i shall always appreciate present and make the best out of what i have now.. in the past, during college yrs, i was clinging to my "high school era" too much that i missed out a lot on college life and new friends.. and yet... God is good, he always provide me with good company wherever i am wherever i go.. and i love my college friends a lot too..

ok, back to Present ( by now, i am pretty sure i will always dig out the past and write about it, hahaha) ...

New Year's eve... bit sad to say, i was working til 9pm on the 31th of Dec (5pm til 9pm)... but then in the morning, me, Fenny, Yeefang and Thompson went to Carousel to shop for food for New Year eve's bbq....!!!! it was fun yea...!!! we were like comparing prices and constantly calculating to ensure we do not exceed budget, and discussing what to omit what to buy... hahahahahahaha... we went to Woolies, and i came upon this super nice offer ler, 50cents per corn...!!!!! hahaha, me super kiasu bought 8 corns.. and another 10 corns for one of my frens, who happen to love corns too...!!! haha...

anyway, we came out from Woolies, with one troley full of food... hahahahahha....!!! and it was so random that time when Fenny mentioned she's going to Rottnest Island on New Year, i decided to follow... so 5minutes later i was making call and making credit payment to pay for one day trip on Rottnest Island over the phone. muahahahaha....!!! it was all so random and exciting..
(will blog bout my Rottnest island trip soon , with pics this time ^^ stay tuned)

okie, back from Woolies.. we came to my house right away, started to do the preparation for New Year Eve's bbq.. cut the veges for salad, boiled potato for potato salad, grill the nudgets, chips.. and marinate chicken wings.. all was good...!!! many phone calls to arrange transport for cell members and stuff...!!

and by 3pm, Marcus and Kong came over to my house to pick me up forMahjung...!! yes, Mahjung, u didnt see wrongly... i learn how to play Mahjung during this summer, but we didnt bet, just playing to see who win and stuff...! i learn Mahjung few days before and am now playing on New Year Eve.. so Fenny, yeefang and thompson went back after the food preparation, while i went to Marcus's house and joined the geng for Mahjung.. Charlyn came over and baked Cupcakes, so delicious lor...!!!!!

and 4.40pm i got changed into my working uniform, and was sent to workplace, Chemist Warehouse Vic Park... hahahaha... reach work at 5pm and felt that time was passing way too slow... man.... tooooo slow..... then took out my phone cuz was worried that my cell members couldnt reach the bbq place... heehee... illegally made several calls to members while working.. but that nite there wasnt many customers so most of the time i'm just doing nothing in the shop... ^^

i msged Esther saying "cant wait to join you guys there" ... and she replied "soon soon!"... and i looked at my watch... it was only 7.50pm... =.'=''' one hour 10 minutes to go! that's like forever....!!!!!

anyway, the time came, time to close shop! i quickly changed my attire and waited to be picked up, heeheeehee..

Beloved Yee Mei came to pick me up at 9.15pm and off we headed to Mill Point, yippie...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ so super excited lor...!!!!

btw, Mill Point is a riverside, overlooking the gorgeous city at night! with ready build bbq pit and large green grounds for ppl to hang around.. our summer cell were combining with other Curtin summer cells as well for the bbq..! it was such a cool place man, imagine bbq-ing at nite by the huge riverside on green grass, overlooking the city lighted up in lights, with whole big groups of church people there!!!!!!! ^^ i love it so much...! was so so so hyper that nite, i think i was bit off track.. hahahahah...

so then by the time i arrived (9.35pm like that), the rest has already taken their food, cuz the bbq thing actually started at 7pm..some were playing frisbees in groups, some sat down in groups playing ice breakers, some were just lying down, some were at the bbq pit bbq-ing.. some were just sitting down chatting.. so lovely.. ^^...i joined.. we chatted and walked along the riverside, took some photos.. and chatted again and chatted...
with my cell members Yeefang, Fenny, Esther, Kimberly , Adeline, Isabella, Stephan, Jing Ee, thompson, danny, Jeffrey.. and alot other frens too...!!!
and of cuz Ng Yan Hua (posted by request of hers truly)....!!!! love love...!!!

by 11pm i was feeling a bit tired already, esther too.. we lied down on the Yatches nearby.. and look up right to the skies and stars.. and started a lil chat.. and was quiet for some time, chat a lil again.. it was all so lovely and peaceful and beautiful...... ^^

by 11.45pm, we saw fireworks in the direction of the city...!!!!! eventually a large crowd gathered at riverbank, all were watching the night sky lighted up even more in 15minutes of dazzling fireworks....!!! one particular firework that made me and Esther squeeled in excitement was the Heart-shape-firework....!!!!!! it was red, and it blossomed in the drak sky to form the shape of a Love... aiseh, super jiwang man me....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha..

12am, the almost inaudible clock striked... and there is New Year for everyone...

i reached home at almost 1am, washed all the stuff we used for bbq just now, and started packing for Rottnest Island , wippiie....!!! slept at almost 3am ^^

people always mention of New Year resolutions.. i havent have mine yet at that time... but now i should have a few...

Hence... here they are..

- Prac _ _ _ _ _ more
- re-learn how to drive manual car....!!!!
- learn and strive to be a good cell leader
- do well in studies
- wanna fly back home to see parents and LinFoong!! (linfoong u see u made ur way into my NY resolution ok)

above all, i want to
- make room for God in this hectic season
- set my priorities right
- love God love people love God love people love God love people
- be a good friend to people around me
- ........................................more is yet to come